What happens to a harrowed self worth? - project me day 414

18 February 2011

Nothing ...

I miss teaching terribly. I realised last night, after my self discovery group with a few old students, that I'm going crazy without teaching. I've blamed money for my frustration for a while now but the realisation is that I'm not being me and it's chewing away at my self esteem.

So this is it ... I'm slipping into my mode of greatest?existence?and I'm sharing a lesson with you that I have been reminding myself of a lot over the past few days.

Do you know that there is a difference between self worth and self esteem?

Imagine a tree with its roots planted firmly in the ground. The greater the need for stability according to the?environment?that the tree has to endure, the greater the root.
Firm within the earth the roots grow until they know that nothing will pull it from the ground, which is directly related to our self worth. It is the deep knowing of who we are. It is the unwavering strength, courage, self love, fearlessness and determination to survive. He all have it and that is what makes us all that powerful.

Above the ground is the trunk, branches and leaves of that very firmly planted tree. The storms, winds and beating sun may cause extreme chaos for the parts of the tree that are above the earth. Storms may be so bad that branches are ripped from the tree like limbs and winds may strip the tree of all its beauty, but the tree still stands firm. That which takes the beating of life is your self esteem. You get knocked down, beaten at every turn and scared into spaces of wanting to surrender, but your roots won't allow you.

I am not the greatest fan of the perception of positive thinking and affirmations because of the world's idea that saying anything negative could uproot them. The most fundamental gift that we can give ourselves as to speak the truth and many times that is laced with the reality that we are slowly being?poisoned?by not allowing the natural cycle of life to mold us. Without rain the tree would not be fed and it would die. Without the change of seasons and having to survive the harsh winters or the sweltering summers then the tree would stagnate and eventually die too, but it doesn't fear the harshness of life because it knows its roots.

People expect that because of what I teach and my career choice that I should be positive all of the time. I was once asked where my rich lifestyle is if I teach manifestation. I have been asked how come I haven't managed to manifest a boyfriend if I believe in the laws of attraction and where the masses are if I know I am that powerful. For a long time I thought I was getting it so very wrong. I even spent yesterday questioning the very things I believe in myself without a shadow of a doubt. My self esteem has been pounded over the past few days and I have had to weather a horrid storm that might not have completely passed, yet through it all I worked with pride. I created a new concept, set up meetings that take me out of my comfort zone and make me braver and I had the courage to initiate meeting a man.

I might be battered and bruised but today I am a little more aware of the strength, courage, determination and power of who I am. Maybe it's my life choice but I wasn't born with a simple knowing of my greatness. For whatever my soul reasoning is, I am choosing to learn it through storms and blizzards that test every fiber of my self esteem and that is what makes me more of the person I am determined to be.

I will have it all and the power of manifestation, the laws of attraction and positive thinking are real and truly that powerful. However, those are the roots and if you allow them to be uprooted whenever there is a storm then you don't realise how very powerful you are.

If I needed all this hardship, fear and chaos to get me to my point of realisation that I am at today then I am truly living the laws of attraction. When I find the man that I know I can love unconditionally it will have been because of the rising of a battered self esteem that has endured many failing love affairs and when the abundance of money washes over me it will be my friend because of the hard works and respects we have worked on as a united team.

We all have those roots of self worth that hold us firm and remind us that no matter what life throws at us, we are unwavering. Your gift is to allow yourself to weather the storm in truth and look at the cuts, bruises and tears but the watch your power to heal the too and wait for the flowers to blossom ... until the?torturous rains return to feed you right down to your very deepest root.

14 comments on “What happens to a harrowed self worth? - project me day 414”

  1. hmmm... something about an "I'm-awesome-and-nothing-you-say-can-take-that-away" pill? 😉

    I'm constantly amazed at how often people need validation or verification from others to take said pill. Sadly they are often uprooted by the same people. Truth is we're all pretty awesome, just not always awesome to others (that could be for a million different reasons and not always a bad thing either).

    No matter the battering that comes along, the soul really does just require a handful of rain now and then, not much more. Strength returns and we're that much better off for simply standing our ground.

    Perhaps the trickiest bit is making sure you take root in a spot that offers a bit of rain now and then? 😀

    But hey... I'm just sayin'
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  2. This is a great piece of writing Jodene. You are more of an inspiration during crisis than other times and I just don't know how you do it. So proud of you!

    1. That means the world to me! I sometimes think I'm not getting it right at all and then I get reminded by special followers like you!

  3. I'm sorry to hear that but I am sure that your found the lesson in it and got through the day in true Jodene style.

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