What it means to blog daily - project me day 497

12 May 2011

People think I'm crazy all of the time. Some are in awe at the commitment to blog daily and others don't get how I put my personal life online for the world to read, but no one knows what it means to blog every single day ... no matter what.

Today is one of those no matter what days. It's one of those days that I think I'm crazy and I try convince myself that one day without it will go unnoticed! Who am I kidding? It won't go unnoticed by you and it won't go unnoticed by me. I chose this for all the right reasons and not one ounce of today would have existed without the birth of the blog ... but that doesn't take away from the fact that I'm tired, sore and drained on all levels.

I might sound like Moaning Minny now, but by the time I'm finished blogging I will be dragging my butt to bed with a big smile of?fulfillment?and gratitude on my face.

When I'm done I won't be moaning about having dragged my ass out of bed before the sun rose (remembering that I'm a 7:30 ... ok, 8am riser).
I won't be complaining about my bruised toe (or is that broken) that I whacked on the chest in my bedroom because it was still dark when I got up and felt my way to my bathroom. Yes ... also not moaning that I haven't found the time to do the simple chore of buying a lamp for my beautiful new bedroom in my precious new home.

I have no reason to complain about the morning I spent with my newest sponsor, Pat Sloane at his photo studio. Okay, I was a bit complainy in the photo but that's ?because I still hate photos of me and they were compulsory ... to launch the sponsorship and for media for Sunday. That's what I am most impressed about with Pat. I fall into that bigger girl?category?and I hate photos for that very reason. He made me feel so pretty ... and look so pretty (yes, I know I'm pretty but I'm also hippy, booby and double chinny) and he made it all look fab ... pics tomorrow when I launch the sponsorship!

I certainly didn't complain when Greg and I went to do the final arrangements at Cafe Culture. I can't believe that Sunday is 3 sleeps away and that I have these two incredible sponsors in the venue and 6 on 13th who are giving away a Kathy van Zeeland handbag. Beyond venue and bag sponsorship, these incredible people and so many Twitter friends and followers have embraced the journey I have been on and they are turning this event into one that is beyond my wildest expectations of my blog or my journey.

It was lunching with Greg and Hustler Girl and then off to do some socialising of an online product. In between that it was RSVP's, media invites, counting guest numbers and making sure #D500 gets as much exposure as possible.

The throbbing toe didn't help ... pain never does! Seriously what happens if I have to go to my own event on Sunday with a slipper on? Yes ... it's that sore!

I'm certainly not moaning, although I won't even remember what I typed in this blog from pure exhaustion, but after all the hype of the day it was Thursday Club.
Once a month we have this amazing networking event and everyone mingles, a few prizes are given away and it's always at a gorgeous venue in Jozi. Tonight it was at Turbine Hall in Braamfontein and the venue was incredible. I won a prize ... yippee ... no wait, I wont two prizes. Okay ... that needs some explaining. So Greggie won a dress, that wouldn't have suited him, so he gave it to me. But then when I won the one night's stay at Hotel Lamunu I gave him back his dress and went to claim my prize.
I'm lucky enough to have been offered a night at Hotel Lamunu as a blogger and to do a post on my experience, so the prize is wasted on me ... hence I have decided to donate it to a lucky person at the #D500 event. I love networking ... used to hate doing it offline, but I'm into it now. It didn't take away from the fact that my poor toe was killing me and that I'm overwhelmed and exhausted from all the #D500 hype.

I even tried to get out of blogging, but my best friend gave me the 'not a chance' look.

So here I am ... there it is ... and sometimes blogging daily means bitching about it, but realising why you chose to do it when you are done!

PS ... I can't remember when last I was this excited, having as much fun or prouder of myself!

6 comments on “What it means to blog daily - project me day 497”

  1. Congrats girl! I'm so happy for you! My video is uploading to Youtube as we speak...
    i might do another quick one it just depends....

  2. Now it's just 2 sleeps!!! Whooo Hooooo....

    Somehow get the feeling I'll be "virtually there".

    So... here's to Sunday... D500... and only 502 sleeps until D1k 😀
    My recent post Fuckin Perfect

    1. Look how your little blogging girl has grown! It's only complete because you are virtually with me my friendy! 502 sleeps to #D1k 😉

  3. I feel the need to step in here and clarify something. Jodene mentioned that I won a dress, which I gave to her and then she returned it to me. She doesn't say what then happened to the dress. I DIDN'T KEEP IT. No really. That's my story.

    (A part of me is disappointed that that's how it ended. It was advertised as being able to be worn 15 different ways. I'm sure I could have discovered a 16th. ;))

    My recent post When health becomes an addiction

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