What my thoughts said on the day Osama died - project me day 487

2 May 2011

I have an interesting habit. No wait, I have two interesting habits. Firstly, I have the habit of needing to pee at least twice a night and my second habit is using the cellphone as a guiding light in the dark. While I'm there I check out what's happening on Facebook and Twitter despite never commenting just in case someone asks what I'm doing awake at such an odd hours.
I read it on Facebook first. A status from a dear American blogging friend of mine who was singing the praises of the final triumph for America. I scrolled down until before the news broke and read a few innocent posts pre the death announcement. Twitter was abuzz with opinions, breaking news and pride that Twitter had broken the story.

My thoughts were random but the one that stuck out the most is that Google must be pretty bummed that it's not the breaking source of news anymore.

Immediately I thought of Soldier Guy and the number of times I have seen a Facebook status honouring yet another friend he had lost in this fight. I then thought of another blogging friend who's blog is entitled "the tales of an army wife". I then thought of my dad and what he would have said if he were alive. No matter what, I know he would have cried. He would have thought about the moment when the heard that the first plane had hit the twin towers and he would have remembered the fear that struck him knowing his daughter was a few blocks away.

The Jock and I fought today. We fought because I agreed with someone who said that so many lives had been lost to get to this point. I think he didn't agree with my tweet that said "You don't stop a man or his mission by killing him." He told me that he could see I wasn't American by my comments and made me sound pretty damn heartless. Meanwhile I was lying in my bed with a hundred thoughts and responding to tweets of joy that this man had been stopped. I have worked hard to get to the beliefs that I have and all that I am proud of is that they are my own and I will not waiver from them. So when my beliefs are bought to questions my thoughts turn to the person who is questioning them and never to what I am thinking.

At about the time that Osama's body was thrown out to sea, I was thinking that mother earth is unconditional and she wouldn't mind taking him because I don't blame no man wanting to have him. It must have been near that time that I was hoping the world understands that it is up to each one of us to take responsibility for our thoughts in order to never create a man like Osama again.

I watched my mother cry for the Americans today and she said the same thing that The Jock did ... you won't understand unless you are an American. Although I respect that statement I think that half the problems is that we have forgotten that we are all human being first and foremost. I did not have to lose someone in 911 to have lost. I did not have to fear for my life in order to fear and I did not have to be born in American in order to feel from the depths of my heart today.

I live by one rule: Harm to none! I lived it before I even understood it and whatever I do I ask myself if I would like the same done to me in return. Although I will never understand it, I respect that people think death is a punishment of sorts. I think living and suffering is far worse ... but that's a choice I decided to make my belief.

Every day is about 'project me' and that's about living my truth and being conscious of the consequences. I am not here to change opinions or make people think differently. I'm just here to discover my own opinions and live with them. I cried for those who did in 911. I cried for soldiers who lost their lives. I was in Venice when the flags flew half mast for 6 soldiers who died ... and although I did not know them and was only a visitor in their country ... I cried!

I did not cry today!

I did laugh though ... when my eleven year old nephew's status read: "I bet he never thought he would be fish food?" ... kids do say the?darnedest?things!

10 comments on “What my thoughts said on the day Osama died - project me day 487”

  1. As an American, I don't think you have to be an American to understand what it's like. I don't think that gives one more insight necessarily, as it's still humans killing humans for no reason other than hate. Hate is hate is hate, no matter where you are, and everyone has shed a tear for what these people have done. Saying you have to be an American to understand how 'great' this death is, is forgetting that we aren't the only country their hate crimes have touched. And no, that's not saying that what was done on 9/11 wasn't horrific; it is going to leave a scar on all of us forever. We just can't forget everything else that has been done.

    I am glad they found him. I am not glad that he's dead. This is one of those scenerios that could backfire. I don't see this being the end at all. I'm afraid of the 'beginning' this is going to cause. I'm with you Jo!

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  2. Jo, as you know, I am not a the most politically correct person around and I have quite strong views when it comes to pieces of sh*t like Osama Bin Laden but i have to admire your strength of character and your standing for your belief in humanity and peoples rights. You are far greater a person then me and thank God there are people like you around!

  3. I have such mixed emotions about this. Of course I'm relieved immensely as a New Yorker who felt the unimaginable pain and loss on 9/11. But I also feel a lot of anxiety. As I exited the subway platform this morning on my way to work, I saw armed guards and I felt the nerves all over again. I wish we could put an end to all wars and bring home all troops, but I realize that's a naive thing to say.

    But for once, it's nice to know that one very evil man no longer makes so many of us cower in fear. And for that, I am grateful.

    And good on you for saying just what you feel. It's one of the freedoms we have in this country, and you deserve to have your voice heard!
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    1. You know, this is what I wish so many people would realise. We have never met and we only have a short history of sharing each other's life story but here I sit feeling that pain and that anxiety because someone who makes a difference in my life is right there!
      It always comes with a little anxiety to speak my own truth and it's moments like this make it all worth while ... thank you for sharing my friend!
      Stay safe and I hope you get to walk the land of the free with absolute freedom!

  4. "You don't stop a man on a mission by killing him" I like that. Simply because it is so very, very true. Personally I can't help but feel that this really is a case of the hydra. Remove on head... and 2 will appear.

    I think perhaps the US place a little too much emphasis on the figurehead, after all their president is everything. Perhaps that is why they have lost so many wars? Who knows. In this case I think that many see justice being done (more revenge on behalf of those lost on that fateful day).

    Honestly it's a sad day when anyone celebrates the death of anyone. The day we can actually celebrate the death of terrorism will be a day to truly celebrate. Until then just a hollow victory.
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    1. Very very good point Robbie!
      I felt the very same way ... it was hard for me to get my head around any form of celebration of death!

    1. Thank you so much hunny, that means the world to me. It's interesting that I get the most praise from the posts I freak out about before I hit 'publish'!

  5. Thanks for that! A refreshing way of thinking. I have as my twitter "logo" -
    "Freedom is in one's thoughts" - I find this to be one of the MOST priceless gifts of life. Nobody can take them, nobody can change them (I must voluntarily allow them to have input and then I change them myself), and nobody can demand them.

    I have my thoughts on this death too, but as I said above - for now they are mine.

    1. We are so on the same page. I always try and get people to understand that life is exactly what you think it is. It's a very powerful message and it's refreshing when I find someone who shares it with me. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog and I look forward to getting to know you!

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