What part of Libra don't I get - project me day 549

5 July 2011

The chicken is in the oven, veggies in the stir fryer, rice on the boil, laptop on the breadboard and Greggie hovering because I have no idea where the day went.

I should get points for the number of times I've said that ... oh, he's now stirring veggies so I have a moment to blog with some kind of sanity.

No wait ... kitty just threw up a fur ball ... it's her first one ... poor kitty!

Okay ... to be libran and not distracted for any one moment is a miracle. Hang on ... just checking the rice.

So I'm feeling better enough to have done half a day's work.

Hang on ... checking the chicken.

Back ... so I did all the Libran things that I've been avoiding today, like having to narrow down a list of words for Organic O from 25 to 12! OMG ... don't make me get rid of words! I swear I tried. I had 5 cups of tea in between and distracted myself with a good number of Tweets before getting the list down to 19 and sending the email saying "Libran has done all she can ... get rid of the rest yourself ;p"

Checking kitty ... poor girl isn't so happy ... I think she's?embarrassed!

Don't worry, she's over it ... she's chasing a fluffy mouse.

I'm organising my first girlie Tweetup ... how exciting! Picked the restaurant and made the call. Of course it's for a big crowd so she's asked me to select 4 breakfast dishes from about 12.

Hang on ... Greggie's interfering with my food and adding ginger to the stir fry. It would be fine, but the chicken is?Portuguese?flavoured ... not Thai ... anyway, we were at narrowing down menus.

No wait ... he's searching through the spice rack! After 6 years of best friendship you'd think he'd know about the Libran in the kitchen and messing with my food. I will survive this. I have a blog to type ... look away! look away!

How the hell is a Libran supposed to narrow down a menu from 12 to 4? Heaven help me, I did my best ... now he's asking for rice wine! Ignoring him ...

It's hard enough choosing off a menu for myself, but to have to think about what 4 dishes would suit 20 women's desires ... oh stuff it. I ignored the email and left it for Greggie to do when he got here. What is the gay best friend for anyway.

Oh fark ... it's jasmine rice and not white rice ... oh well, now it looks like mash. That's because Mr Unexpected always does the rice. I miss him tonight ... it's freezing. It should be compulsory for boyfriends to have to keep girlfriends snug and warm no matter how important a career may seem. Warm toes are the way to a Libran's heart, not riches. Okay ... a few riches!

Last check of the chicken and damn, the veggies smell good!

Did I say it's freezing ...

Alright, chickens' ready! Mushy rice is ready! Veggies are ready ... what was I saying ...

6 comments on “What part of Libra don't I get - project me day 549”

  1. So, to be a Libra is to be distracted? Yep, sounds like me. Did they mention anything about procrastination? I'm terrible that way!

    1. Oh yes, we get a whole lot of additional points for procrastination ... but we do it in the most charming, fun way ;p
      Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting. I always get so excited by comments!

    1. Hehehehehe ... oh I do love that we have that in common. I happen to like aquarians a whole lot ... lucky you! ;p

    1. Excuse me ... who do you think you are tut tuting??? Good gracious ... you are brave!!!
      Is it that you didn't notice or totally ignore the puffs of smoke from my ears? ;p ... Only saying this once ... veggies were yummy!

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