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1 October 2012
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I don't think we can every quite get the lesson enough that life happens and that things never go exactly according to plan. Of all the bits of life that I still struggle with is when I set out to do something and it doesn't happen as I planned it in my head. Of course, my natural reaction is to try and figure out what I've done wrong and what the great lesson in life is. That's just me and I wonder if everyone tries to work out what lessons the wayward plans of life teaches them.

So, just as I?committed?to going back to blogging daily, life went a whole lot of wayward and I had a very unexpected time being disconnected from the world. It went so far as me not having internet access at home and heading off to my sister, who also was without access. So I decided to do what #projectme has been so much a part of in my lesson of life ... I decided to go with the flow.

I'm hovering between cooking the men in my life dinner and sticking to this very important #myroadto40 blog post, and although I have so much to tell you, what should have been a sum of my whole weekend is going to be one realisation and one exciting thing I haven't done in a good few weeks.

I've picked up just over 1kg in about a month and what should have been about 4kg down in theory is a new perspective on my weight. I can't believe that I've only picked up a kilo, but I did realise that my body gets to what it thinks is normal and sticks there for a while. So while what should have been really good eating kinda went awry, I feel like I'm so much more in tune with me. So tonight, while I make yummy chicken filling for roast potato spuds for the guys, I'm having the exact same dinner but stuffing mine into steamed squash.

Small for some ... back on track for me.

I think a big part of #myroadto40 is going to be making friends with my 'should haves' because they seem to be around a lot and just waiting for me NOT to even try and contemplate the lesson!

PS ... 27 September should have been day 1000 of my #projectme daily posts! Somehow I get the feeling that when POST 1000 comes along the timing is going to be perfect!

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