What talent didn't they see coming? - project me day 831

12 April 2012
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I'm hoping by now everyone knows the insane passion I have for country music?

You will have also heard me bitch so much about the limited access we have to it here in South Africa and how I tune into international stations and scramble my way through websites to get my musical fix. Um ... I still have to master the art of downloading music and then I'm sure I'll wonder why I didn't do that before.

So in having my finger of the country music pulse and usually being more jealous than anything else, I knew about the movie, Country Strong, months ago. I'm not shy to say that one of my reasons for my great love for the music is them cowboys and then singing in that sexy cowboyie voice is a dream. One of those cowboys is Tim McGraw. If you don't know who he is, then you should know his wife, Faith Hill ... but that has nothing to do with the story, besides me needing to point out the amazing couple they make.

Back to the point ... Tim stars in the movie. All I wanted to do was see him act. Actually, all I wanted to do was see him! There wasn't much of a thought that it would make its way down to SA, so I watched a few snippets of trailers and had an idea that Gwyneth Paltrow was in it too. Yes, she's good and all, but what I thought I would see and what I actually saw had me in awe. It still has me in awe and got me thinking about the limitless possibility of just how talented we truly are.

My greatness, but this girl can sing!!

Who knew?
Maybe you knew before me, but at some point I'm sure so many of us just didn't see this coming!

We all have that. That talent that we know we have and that the world just doesn't see coming. Maybe we don't know we have that talent and when we find it, it's just as mind blowing to us as it is to the world who didn't see that coming.
I'm currently in a space of not trying to analyse myself or my life too much, so I don't want to get into the pondering of what my hidden talents are. I'm thinking that it might be as simple as my cooking to as complex as my function coordinating skills, that were never there before a few months ago. But who know ... I might not know it all yet either.

Whatever it may be, after falling in low with a singer that I would have pinned down as talented for so many other talents way before her amazing voice, I felt a little more limitless. I felt a little more expecting of surprises in my abilities and the possibility of what telens might be waiting to be discovered.

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