What to do with this nervous energy - project me day 814

26 March 2012
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I've driven myself crazy!
Seriously, I have so much nervous energy that I've eaten the house nearly empty, made my man take me out for more snacky stuff, tried to um ... burn off nervous energy and well, I'm still like a frazzled lunatic.

Yes, I do this to myself every once in a while and it's usually around change. So I'm not the best at it and sometimes the wheels kinda fall off when it comes to something very new ... like charging for #FollowSA for the first time tomorrow night. I wish I knew why my faith went tumbling out the window at times like this, but I don't. That's where I'm blessed to have the best friend I do. Greggie has me slightly calmer and keeps reminding me that whatever will be will be. I know that deep down I know that my next blog is going to be one of 'I told you so' ... but I still don't know what to do with all this nervous energy.

We have sponsors galore. Live music and an awesome DJ. The peeps are leaving with goodie bags ... the list of wowness goes on and on, yet I'm in a state that only 50 people are going to be there.

And then Mitch Williams calls and tells me I should be hysterical (oh now wait, I just got more hysterical coz of his comment) coz Greggie and I are watching our business enter a whole new realm ... *faints*

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