What yuck feels like - project me day 245

3 September 2010

I thought I was having a good day considering I had a freak bout of insomnia last night. I used it to my advantage and wrote more than half of a newstime article about it when I returned from the chiro. She thinks I'm doing great and totally spotted my A-type personality when I told her yuck I was feeling because I couldn't put in more hours of work. Funny that, I'm still getting a decent amount done. I get to go to gym and walk on the treadmill at least, but she told me that I"m not allowed to lie on the couch or in bed too long. That sucks, it's not so sore there but apparently that isn't always a good sign.

Greggie and I went to lunch with Gossip Guy and I thought I was doing great but after doing a touch of work with Greggie when I got home, I totally crashed. I climbed into bed to lie on the electric blanket and do my stretches and ended up passing out for well over an hour. I wasn't woken by the gentle movement of an eyelid, but instead I had these ugly sharp pains in my tummy.?Nausea struck and I had to jump up to run to the bathroom ... well didn't that just hurt my back.

Bless my mom who never eats tuna, that's what she decided to make and the smell is driving me crazy. I'm just totally feeling yuck. Now everything makes me want to cry and I am going to do the only thing that 'project me' requires of me ... be kind to myself and remind me that this too shall pass. In the meantime I have listened to the chiro and made arrangements to go to brunch with zoo daddy (remember my date to the zoo ... well we've stayed friends, yay). I just have to get through tonight and might allow myself to totally sob.

Now all I want is rain! Somehow I think that next to a cowboy arriving on my doorstep and rescuing me from reality, rain is the only thing that is going to make me feel alive. Maybe that's just me, but eventually the soul craves it.

PS ... I feel like I'm being a total drag and not getting 'project me' right at all ... or is that just the pain talking?

13 comments on “What yuck feels like - project me day 245”

  1. Pain can be such a bitch! About three years ago, I had it so bad I was swallowing pain pills like candy! THey barely dulled it.

    I don't know if this anything to do with you, but mine was caused by too much sitting. The back got week and then was gone. I do't sit so much now! I walk, I do yoga, I do whatever I can to stay in shape. Don't want to do that again!
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    1. That's exactly what it is my friend. Sitting and working and not sorting it out when it first got sore because I just work too hard. I'm beginning to realise that this happened for a reason and that my life is going to change around it.
      As soon as I can I have to start pilates and I'm excited. I can't work late like I used to so I am going to learn the value of making the most of my work hours. I am starting to walk from today ... every single day! A friend is taking me to the park and that is the first step in changing my life.

      thanks for the message, the good advice and the support.

  2. Want some cheese with that? :p

    There are few things worse than being in pain... especially when it just won't go away. I'm lucky enough that as long as I keep my knees warm they tend to give little trouble (another reason I love WARM KZN 🙂 ). On other times, there's always whisky!

    Sadly the pills only work for a very short time... and then you end up getting either addicted to them or over them. Then again, pain isn't always a bad thing, it does tell you to stop what you're doing to prevent any more damage. Best thing you can do is listen when it says so. 🙁

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    1. I think I'm gonna hv a pity party and send you a special invite ... you can bring that cheese you keep offering 😉

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