What's in a year? - project me day 515

30 May 2011

I can't believe Greggie is another year older. It feels like the first real milestone I can distinctly remember from when the blog began. I remember his birthday party last year as if it were yesterday. I even remember sitting down to blog for it. The memories were so clear that I decided to do what I hardly ever do ... go back and read the post from last year.

Some things have changed dramatically and others are exactly the same.
It's the day I can pinpoint my back being sore for the first time, before it finally sequestrated and disks collapsed in about August. That's a long time to have pain, but that the bitch about hindsight.

From an esteem point of view, I've come leaps and bounds but 365 days ago I was still on about my body and my weight. Actually, it wasn't one of my finest days and I wouldn't blame anyone for thinking I was pretty negative at some points. One thing I did notice is that I ended that day finding the good in it and I'm thrilled that I am at least getting that right.

Yesterday was so much fun and it was great to have Greggie's party at Thava Indian Restaurant who have been very loyal sponsors and supports of 'project me'. Okay, so that day I remember clearly too. The day the sponsorship was confirmed, we went to dinner at the restaurant and the next day my disks collapsed. All in all, this has become a very interesting time as I reflect on where I was and I contemplate where I'm going.

Of course, that will all unfold as the days go along. Right now all I want to do is give myself the pat on my back at where I am emotionally ... and it's such a special place.

A year ago today ... I was miff and here's proof: Flashback 365 to day 149 - Here it is in the words of my low self esteem.

That was then ... and this is now:

Greggie, Emmanuel, me and Hustler Girl's Ponkie (who isn't on Twitter ... sigh!)

Okay, so ?I forgot to organise a cake, but some very yummy Thava pudding did just fine!

Hustler Girl and Me

Oooh, look ... there's my Risky Business!

All the Twits from Twitter

Another very big thank you goes to the Thava Indian Restaurant for making Greggie's birthday so special. Every person raved about the meal and it's always a joy to share our time in such a special place.

6 comments on “What's in a year? - project me day 515”

  1. Wow... one year on and how things have turned around. I guess it's something about the awesomeness or did somebody get the whole, "Luminous beings are we, not this crude matter" 😉

    Isn't it great being able to look back over the days and make comparisons?

    Looks like a great party. But... how could you forget a cake!! :p
    My recent post Happy in the Meantime

    1. Thank you for reminding me that more has changed than I realise my friend! The awesomeness pill has played a very big role in that ... woo hoo for awesomeness!
      Hold my head in shame ... forgot the cake!

    1. Hahahahaha ... I trust you because you're not a lawyer (oops, hope I don't lose any followers from that little comment!)
      Everything was so special and I'm always so proud to be your bestest!!!

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