When all else fails, blame Uranus - project me day 147

29 May 2010

While innocently preparing for Greggie's birthday party, there has?definitely?been a cloud of gloom, confusion and?trepidation?that both of us have been feeling about our own personal lives. It's very seldom that both of us feel flat and apprehensive at the same time and even more unusual that we can't shake the feeling within a few days. But wait ... there's more ... friends all around us have also been feeling more unsettled than usual. A lot are beginning discover issues around their health, their relationships and their life's choices. It's never more visible than the Facebook status's that are all a little more fiery and desperate!
OMG ... dare I say that even the tone my usually chilled out blog has an air of ... um ... well ... ?

The most attention was drawn to the very significant planetary shift when a fellow blogger (who happens to blog about astrology) was having a terrible time and her Facebook status's were riddled with confusion, low self esteem and down right misery and confusion. That's not like her ... but then again, she was admitting that too! She was feeling much more confusion, upset and irritation than her nature allows ... hey, that's me too! Actually ... its seems as though it's going around.

Of course it is ... thank heavens ... nope ... let's just thank Uranus!
If it weren't for my fellow blogger pointing out the Uranus is moving into Aries on ... oh TODAY!!! Yes, there is a huge shift of a planet that seems so insignificant and it's moving into the fiery space of Aries ... ooooohhh, what does that mean???

It means that the feelings of reflection and?trepidation?are exactly how we should be feeling, considering we are preparing for this little planet to hang out in the sign of passion and action for the next seven years.

It's amazing how people see the world ... I've been searching for a decent article to post to give you all the ins and outs of what this all means, and there are distinctly two ways of looking at the world ... with great optimism or with this bleak and dismal outlook. Um ... bleak seems to win when it comes to Uranus.

Yes ... I love the planets, astrology and all that jazz, but most of the time I'm very aware that I am that powerful and I have much more control over my life and my happiness than any planet ... so coincidence or planetary impact, I'm not one to throw my hands in the air and wait for a planet to guide my life. Mostly ... I'm fascinated by how we are all interconnected.
That being said ... I can't believe how many astrologers point out that stock markets crashed and World War broke out all about the time when Uranus was in Aries last of all. That's all I need ... a World War to distract me from my very important life issues. I mean, I have a couple of low self esteem issues around what I have to offer the world, a man and myself and I don't have time to be distracted by a World War. But wait ... here's a positive one ... woo hoo for a blog called Deliciously in the RED who gives a passionate and exciting outlook on Uranus.

I, for one, am glad that there has been a planetary shift, because I've been feeling like poo. I haven't been able to work and am so lucky that I could blame Greggie's birthday week. I've had boy trouble! My heart has been wounded! My body has taken a knock! I've doubted myself! I've doubted everyone around me! I've gone to sleep crying and woken up sad! I don't feel like doing the things that usually make me happy!
Only ... there's one little thing about me ... I have 'project me' and a commitment to myself to take these moments as gifts and make the most of them in order to live consciously, have fun and never give up on my dreams or myself. So, it helps to know that Uranus is doing it's thing ... and just in time for me to attempt making hot and spicy curry for the first time every ... oh, the?synchronicity!

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