Where did it go? - project me day 134

16 May 2010

I strategically planned that I blogged on Friday night in order to free up my bumble bee bizzzzy day on Saturday, but I didn't think that Sunday would fly away from me too and the next thing it would be Sunday night.

I officially haven't missed a day considering I did Friday on Friday, now Saturday on Sunday ... and tomorrow morning I shall be back on track.
On that note, I had lunch with Text Guy today ... which is about time, it's been ages ... and he said he couldn't believe I was still blogging. I don't think he's the only one who didn't think that blogging every day would be a?commitment?I stuck to, never mind fall in love with.
On the topic of commitment, he didn't think I'd go through with the tattoo either. Well, he thinks I have until Tuesday afternoon to still chicken out. Eeeekkk ... tattoo on Tuesday. There won't be any chickening out even though I'm going alone because my backup girl can't come with me. Where did the time go ... I can't believe I have two more sleeps.

As 'project me' goes I can't believe that we are heading to half way through the year. Where did that time go?
I've decided to do a little 'look back' when the clock strikes the middle of the year, but this weekend was one of those where I got to take a glimpse back and 'wow' at how amazing it's been.

I'm officially a committed gym goes ... who's about to slip into a one size smaller pair of jeans ... and at this rate a one size smaller bra size!
I've left a business and gained a dream.
I live consciously on a daily basis and take responsibility for everything I do ... mostly while having fun!
I can't think of one goal I've set ... but I can't think of a day when I'm not driven by purpose.

3 comments on “Where did it go? - project me day 134”

  1. So has everyone found out the specifics about Megan Fox getting married in Hawaii to Mr. Green? I'm excited for them, but unfortunately it's bad information for the dudes because Megan is now taken!

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