Where did the day go? - project me day 347

17 December 2010

Do you want to know how I know that I'm in holiday mode? That's easy ... sleep!
I'm so not ashamed to say that I managed to sleep until about 11:15 today. Granted, I did wake up to go to the little girl's room just as the sun broke, but then I scored an extra 6 or so hours sleep ... that's like a whole extra night!

I'm not big on busy holiday time. I like to catch up on my sleep, my reading and my cheesy movies. Today was meant to be one of those days but for some reason (well, maybe because I slept the good hours away) I didn't have time to do much of anything.

I am so close to finishing reading a book I started during my holiday in November. I don't know what it is about living back at my mother, but I am not reading nearly as much as I used to. I don't think I got past 3 pages ... and the crazy thing is that I'm loving the book.
I got through 2 recorded episodes of Modern Family though. I laugh in burst and sometimes don't laugh at all but it's so much better than all the Hollywood drama of late. I love the gay couple. Today their daughter said 'mommy' and not 'daddy' ... ok, so there's drama there too after all ... lol!!

Oh wait, I do have a very big and productive 'project me' moment to announce.
I'm a little codependent when it comes to my computer and my cellphone. Alright I need help with most technology. Last night I had a mild?heart attack when my laptop shut down and wouldn't start again, but with a prayer and a good few hours sleep, it seemed to recover just fine. While I was on such a winning streak I decided to get rid of the nagging flashing Blackberry upgrade that I would never dare attempt without Greggie at my side. I decided to put on of my life lessons to practice and asked myself: What's the worst that can happen? Well, I could lose all my data and I think I got the backup right ... so what the hell. I won't keep you in suspense. It went well. I did it all by myself ...
Well ... that was until the latest version notification came in about 30 minutes later. Bummer! Now I'm a little nervous because it said not to unplug the device at any cost and it's been doing something in the background for oh, about an hour! What's the worst that can happen, right?

Through all the backup chaos my Blackberry has been beeping all day. Brucie is quietly working on the second phase of 'project me' and I can't believe how nervous and excited I got with each update. Not that I have to do anything ... my turn is coming shortly though and then it's all about getting it out there and getting people involved. Robbie said the most perfect thing today ... he said it's gone from 'project me' to 'project we'. I told him I love it but I was stealing it, so let's s what magic we can make with that.

Someone new found me from googling a totally unrelated subject. It was so cool because he wrote to me on Facebook and the timing couldn't have been better because I found a blogger today who gets an average of 40 comments per post. I kid you not ... that's a lot. Just when I was about to have a low self esteem moment, what do you know, I got my own reminder that everything is exactly as it should be.

Next minute it's 7pm. Greggie is home from his family holiday. I have sent out an invite to hot dog Sunday for the 2nd of Jan (Ok, I stole that from The Jock who has hot dog Friday) and it's time to snuggle back into bed with kitty and watch yet another cheesy Christmas holiday movie.

On that note ... 8 days to go and what is a Christmas countdown without 'Last Christmas', this time by Taylor Swift! It's a Country countdown after all!

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