Where do tears come from? - project me day 164

15 June 2010

I studied anatomy when I decided that being a massage therapist was the in thing many years ago and of all the things that I ever wanted answered was where did tears come from?
Not the anatomy of the tear duct and how it flowed, but how we knew when to cry. What happened in the brain that said to the duct to do it's thing and shed forth a tear. I googled and lo and behold it was all very anatomical, but it still never satisfied my awe of my ability to just burst into tears and the mind, body, soul and tear ducts all did their thing?simultaneously.

It's pertinent today because I've been crying A LOT. It?fascinates?me that in one day I can shed a tear of joy, fear, excitement, fear, frustration, relief, fear ... all of the emotion are very different, yet they all call for the body to tell the brain to get the duct to do it's thing and shed a tear.

That's kinda been my day. I'm experiencing so many new things that I'm not even ready to talk about them. They are all happening on so many levels from work to relating to getting to know me better ... and each thing sends a signal to the brain to tell the tear ducts to throw out more tears.

The soccer's not helping and neither are all the songs on the radio and the excitement that's filling the air. That's yet another reason to cry.

Tomorrow Greggie and I have our first Lifeology session with a client who found us off Greggie's website. The word is spreading and we are finding our feet while living our passion ... that's also shouting signals from the brain to the tear ducts.

Someone special took a while to tell me their truth and after I calmed my ego down and acknowledged how tough it is to tell the truth ... well of course the brain to the tear ducts to do their thing!

Science and biology aside ... I know there's a very special reason why the Gods threw tears into the equation. I know there's a tear for every emotion and without trying to sound too overly emotional, dramatic or unstable ... I intend to shed them until I'm all cried out because I've had one of the most alive days I've had in a very long time ... one tear at a time!

6 comments on “Where do tears come from? - project me day 164”

    1. Thank you so much my friend. I'm now at the point where I'm avoiding sweet words, faces, things ... or food! Not sure which one will make me cry again! LOL

  1. Jo, u really asked the question which was disturbing my mind for sometime now. There r many ways to look at it. I always feel that for good or bad ...tear is a tangible reaction of the body to things connected with our life. After we shed tears there is always a feel of lightness in our minds.
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    1. I know that feeling of lightness after the tears have been shed my friend. A very special thing to remember for those who bottle them up inside and wonder why life feels so very heavy!

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