Who could ask for anything more? - project me day 652

18 October 2011

I'm Libra! I don't know if that's the only factor that makes me a hopeless romantic, but I am one.
I watch Top Gun for the scene where he sings to her in the bar. I watch Pretty Woman for when he phones her to tell her not to answer the phone and I just watch Casablanca over and over for so many romantic ideas of love.

Romance is like saying you are rich. It means something different to every person and when Mr Unexpected hears the extent of romance that Swiss went to propose to E, well he thinks he's not romantic at all. (Here's the proposal blog, if you missed it!)

I know romance. I know what would make my heart skip a beat and I know what makes me feel like the richest girl in the world. It's not going to be written into a Hollywood love story, but it's going to be eternally engraved in my heart.

The y0ghurt he buys me for breakfast and forgets in his car overnight!
That no matter what I'm doing, when the gate opens and drop everything to meet him at the front door!
We hold hands the moment either one stirs in the morning!
The rose he pics me that slowly wilts in car as we spend the day driving!
Dancing around the kitchen while he sings horribly out of tune!
Me watching Afrikaans programs that I don't understand and in turn he watches girlie series like Army Wives and Private Practice ... holding hands!

I know romance and it might not be laced with diamonds or candle lit dinner, but it's our romance and who could ask for anything more!

3 comments on “Who could ask for anything more? - project me day 652”

  1. Hahaha... he's so whipped!! 😉

    How can you NOT understand Afrikaans... it was drummed into us all as soon as they could get their hands on us. Possibly the basis for my hatred towards the language.

    Then again ever see the movie "True Romance"? Possibly the only Tarantino movie that I still rate as quality. I guess that's a love story that breaks every possible rule but still makes the grade somehow. Not all love stories (even those in Hollywood) stick to the tried and tested format, doesn't mean that they are any less for it. 🙂
    My recent post Alice

    1. Okay, I exaggerated a little ... I do understand Afrikaans but I have to concentrate too much and it makes my brain tired ;p

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