Who has the right Google formula? - project me day 140

21 May 2010

I'm no different to anyone else when it comes to wanting rankings and hopes to find myself and my business on the first page of Google. I have stories about SEO 'experts' and formulas that have been offered to me to make sure that I'm up there with the best of the best.
Of course I was aware of the benefits of blogging daily when I started 'project me'. On the other hand, living a year goallessly and making sure that I had fun above all else and lived with consciousness ... when that didn't allow room for becoming obsessed with rankings.

Greg and I might be business?partners?and best friend, but we come from totally different angles when it comes to SEO, Google rankings and website stats. Basically ... Greggie doesn't give a 'beep' about them and have taken the other approach and put time and effort into understanding SEO and staying within the 'rules'.

The websites finally went live last week and excitement has filled the air as I've been in charge of meta tagging, SEO'ing and social networking. It's like my playground and I have the best fun watching the stats, checking the hits and Googling all our relevant keywords. Once again, Greggie doesn't really care ... well, that's not exactly true ... he does care, he just believes that if we follow our hearts, write with integrity, have fun and speak our truth, then we won't need to worry about the rules or SEO at all.

I thought he was kidding too ... until it was time to SEO his site ... and lo and behold ... he has done it. Picked relevant and highly ranked words (which are already ranking near the top) ... damn, he might be onto something.

As long as I'm having fun, Greggie doesn't care how obsessed I get with SEO'ing. As long as I stay within integrity and write with passion and within my truth ... then I know I'm happy.

Well ... all was going well, until the evening of day 139 ... and then it dawned on me .. everyone is an expert, and there are so many rules that they begin to blur into an abyss of SEO hell. And ... I refuse to stop having fun.
I've been prepared to read up, watch information videos and take advice. But I am not prepared to be led down the beaten path by 'hearsay' and 'guesswork'. Jeez ... I sound like such a bitch ... well, I think I let the defenses down for a moment and now I'm having my say.

It began with a friend congratulating me about the launch of my sites, but under the radar he was running my site though some fancy schmancy site and spitting out the fact that Google thought I had a few to many errors. What errors you ask? Oh, how am I supposed to know when it's all 'tech talk' that is sent to me ... and then the friend is gone as quick as he came.
He's not the first to analyse my site and tell me what I'm 'doing wrong' ... and he's also not the first to then vanish into the abyss and leave me to fend for myself in the jungle of Google.

Then there is my precious friend and fellow blogger who is very?determined to get followers, get rankings and get hits. Oh boy ... I remember when I was like that and am grateful that 'project me' has made me chill and realise that I am getting my followers because of ... oh wait ... that's coming at the end of this post.
Anyway ... this precious friend sent me an award on his blog and then gave me instructions ?on how to give other bloggers the same award. It didn't sit well with me last night, but he managed to convince me how good it would be and how special my fellow bloggers would feel ... well, all my fellow bloggers felt was spammed ... and all I felt was out of integrity with myself.

I know I upset my friend ... I know I irritated a few other friends and came across as a spammer ... I know that I might not be getting it all right, but most of all I know that there is only one formula that Google really cares about.

I was so grateful for my special fellow blogger, Robbie, who has always been an amazing support and only ever shown me encouragement. He told me that if Google had to only look at sites that are getting SEO 100% right ... then only about 5% of websites would be acknowledge. That made me feel so much better and I knew that I have to decide how I am going to handle my blogs without losing the fun and with staying within my 'goalless goals' of project me.

I remember watching a video about Google as a company and about their staff and their philosophy ... and I thought about that today. After I was irritated by an unwanted analysis of my site, by unwanted comments about my SEO?strategies and my website design, and by falling for stategies that attract traffic ... I thought about what the team would say if they could only give one bit of advice to everyone who is trying to be ranked ... have fun!

If I don't write within integrity or if ?I worry more about ranking, using the right words and writing to attract readers ... I don't have fun at all.
If I get confused with all the rules and guidelines and lose focus of my passion ... that's no fun at all.
When I listen to everyone's criticism and 'advice' about the sites and blogs that myself, Greggie and my Knight has put hours and hours of work into ... well that is no freakin' fun at all.

I'm taking a feather from my business partner's cap and another one from Google ... I'm not listening to anyone else but Google ... and if I don't understand what Google is trying to say, when I'm interpreting it for myself. I can't be doing to bad, considering a few of my 'meta tags' (and yes, I've heard it all before ... they don't count as much anymore) are on the first page of Google already... never mind the fact that Greggie's up there with the best of the best and he didn't pay attention at all 😉

So I spent my day calming myself down about all the days that I have been upset by SEO and gave myself permission to have been effected by the comments that others have thrown at my websites and blogs. I then spent the rest of the day setting Greggie up on a whole lot of social networks ... tweeted my blog posts ... commented on the blogs I followed ... thanked followers for commenting on mine ... checked my stats ... Googled my keywords ... and had good old fashioned Google FUN!

I'm sure there are sound formulas for rankings and I know there is also the opportunity to throw money at it ... but I'm loving my way and doing whatever feels right while I read what I can, watch what I can ?... and always stay within integrity with my writing, myself and the greatest benchmark in life ... FUN!

Google it 😉

23 comments on “Who has the right Google formula? - project me day 140”

  1. Hi Jo,
    I am not a SEO geek or something but one thing I know is that I love my writing and my blog. Yesterday one of my friend who found that my blog has amused her thoughts passed on an award to me. Its called "versatile blogger award". She passed on the award for a reason that the award was meant to be shared. I was very excited when somebody gave me an award, I am new and may thats why I jumped up and down when I found that my name was mentioned in the awardees list. I don't know if there was any intention of spamming there. The same way I thought to share with you this award because your "project me" has been an inspiration to me, it is and will be. so I thought to share my success with you. I didn't have any-other intentions and for this If the SEO guys name it as spam then that kicks my ass big time. It hurts me a lot, its like I give you a gift and you throw it away because someone said its fake!
    When I read some SEO articles I found that if your URL is linked to other blogs or websites it will be noticed by google crawlers and will help in bringing up your page rank. May be thats why people invented awards. That may be the witty side of it. But I never thought about it when I wanted to share the joy of receiving my first award.
    My recent post And the Award Goes to ? - Day 25

    1. Ant, you an I have become very good friends over the past years and I know that our success means a lot to each other. We both want to see the other do well and we support each other as writers and people, always.
      You know that project me is a very personal journey and that at the end of every day I become very conscious and make sure that I did things in my truth, with fun and while not getting caught up in the goals of life.

      You gave that gift to me with pure innocence and excitement and I accepted it that way ... that's what gifts are for. But then, in our usual banter, you had to convince me to pass it on ... do you remember that my friend? It is the passing it that made me out of integrity. Not you at all and it did not take away from the love with which you gave it. I, on the other hand, was calculating and not true to myself because of the 'benefits'.
      My special blogger friend, Nikki, also gave me an award. That was done months ago and I didn't even know she had given it to me. I went back to her blog after I had awarded her and there it was secretly tucked away ... that is the way I should have done it!

      I hope you understand the lesson I needed to learn for myself and that we never stop giving each other gifts and we are never not excited for each other and our successes.
      I love my friend very much and am sorry if you were hurt anywhere along the way to my learning a valuable lesson about myself.

      1. Jo I only thought sharing happiness doubles it, the happiness grows manifold. I never learnt that sharing is bad. Whatever happens I will keep sharing my happiness with you because you are my special friend. Its upto you to decide what you should endorse.
        My recent post And the Award Goes to ? - Day 25

  2. I don't understand all this stuff and don't even own a website, so I don't have a place to comment. But I do think I get what you are trying to say and I know that you are not trying to upset your friend who gave you the award. I hope from his comment that you keep giving each other awards and gifts and I am betting that you have something very cool to say that I can't think of. That's why I love your blog. It's the way you see the world that is so refreshing and thought provoking.

    1. Jess, thank you for acknowledging that. It's not easy to blog sometimes when I am aware that special people read these things and it is directly linked to them. But my truth is my truth a what I set out to do cannot be stopped if I try and protect anyone ... including myself.

      Thank you for being such a loyal reader, it's a beautiful compliment!

  3. Wow, I was right ... it seems pretty heated just over an award. But I was right, there was a lesson in it for you, Jodene. Hope you guys both see the gifts.

    1. Thanks Jess! It is amazing how the small things can ruffle enough to have a whole lot of truth emerge once the dust has settled. That is what good friends is all about though!

  4. In my professional opinion, Greggie has it spot on 😉

    I'm willing to bet Google would agree... but of course they never say anthing outright. But with an ever changing algo the only thing that really remains constant is quality. No matter how much you try to pimp up an Uno, it will never be a Ferarri. Pimp your site all you like, but really its all about whatyou put into it that really matters.

    as long as the website continues to have heart will continue to reach people... through Google or other methods. But trust me on the sunscreen. 😉

    1. Robbie, this is such an awesome comment ... thank you!
      You have always reminded me that as long as I keep doing what I'm doing all will be cool ... yay for all the amazing support my friend. I am also slowly working through the notes that you sent me ... eating the elephant one bite at a time 😉

  5. Oh no, a website with "problems" and "errors"...gasp the nerve of you, 😉 . Show me a website out there that doesn't have a bug in it somewhere? Seriously, this guy is off his rocker because you have how many people reading and commenting on your blog??? If those errors were that terrible you wouldn't be so popular...he's just jealous.

    Besides that, errors show character, it shows that you are real and not fake. I personally wouldn't care if you misspelled words or used bad grammer, I would still read everything and love it!! :*<3
    My recent post A bug in my pants and pizza in my daughter's lap

    1. It's a tough one to hear that there will always be flaws, but I am grateful that you reminded me that it all creates character. Thank you for the ongoing support and for the special bond we have formed!

  6. I've got the formula!!! Okay, so actually I don't. I don't think anyone does actually - not even Google engineers. Guess that's why they can say with such honesty that nobody can guarantee a first place ranking.

    However, in my professional opinion, I tend to agree with Greggie. While it's never been true that if you build it they will come, I can tell you that no matter how much you pimp out an Uno, it'll never be a Ferrari. If your blog (or website) doesn't offer people anything it won't offer the search bots anything either. Don't forget possibly Google's only rule worth following, "build websites for people." If you get that right, then traffic will automatically come via, twitter, digg, etc...

    But, um, trust me on the sunscreen 😀
    My recent post Kickapoo

    1. I can see the foundation of your truth and beliefs in this comment, Robbie and I am so grateful that you have shared it with me. I have felt a little obsessed with the whole ranking thing and haven't had help by attracting things to show me and my hard work up. I love my sites, my writing style and my followers and I'm sticking to that.
      Thank you my friend!

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