Who really reads the instruction manual - project me day 464

9 April 2011

I never know whether it's appropriate to start my blog by mentioning my hangover or whether that should go further down the line once I've mentioned my fabulous evening and why I drank so much. Well I didn't actually drink a lot as much the mixture of what I mixed. Firstly, I would like to announce that the dinner party was it my house, so I was free to drink as much as I like. So two glasses of sherry while cooking, two glasses of champagne (the fancy kind) to celebrate all of our successes, including Twinkletoes' new General Management position at a very fancy, soon to be launched boutique hotel ... and my daddy's birthday. Then mother was drinking the cheap sparkling wine because of its insane sweetness and I do remember having a few sip of that before switching to white wine. Well that I can't guarantee a quantity, but from the headache, I'm thinking it was a few.

When combining my first dinner in our new home, beautiful friends and a little strategy meeting for Organic O, of course I didn't follow the instruction manual of mixing drinks. I can never remember if you shouldn't drink wine before or after spirits or if the books says sparkling and vino never go well. What the hell, down the hatchet and two headache pills in the morning.

Today I just have to finish my bedroom and get my books out and my alter set up. Before I do though, mom and I are going to do a touch of shopping for the?necessities?... Dish clothes (because you need new ones in a new house), towels (because you need new towels in a new house) ... you get the picture right? lol

Everything, however, is revolving around the introduction of Saphirah and Eragon. Mom and I have been talking about a second kitty for a while, but I was worried that Saphirah's loving and playful nature would change. Well, I was right. I'm hoping it's not going to stay like that because she's swaying between being a pissed off little bitch to being a petrified little baby girl.
I should know that there's an instruction manual for everything, but I'm not great at ever reading them so I didn't think of reading one on how to introduce the the two of them. Well, I'm still not sure that it was my job considering I arrived home to the new addition to the family and the cats were just thrown together in one room.

So the cats have been sleeping in the same room and Saphirah has been hiding under the covers or sitting on the window ledge and she hasn't purred once in 2 days. On the other hand, Eragon is in heaven and spreads himself across the bed like a king. With each passing day, mom and I are managing to get them a little closer, although Saphirah hasn't stopped hissing at him and he hasn't stopped purring.

Then today we decide to google 'how to introduce cats to each other'. Oh boy, have we been way off the mark. We have been so far off the mark that we can't help but roar with laughter while Saphirah does a wall slide down the passage to pass Eragon who is sitting in the middle of it and ... purring.

Apparently you are supposed to build a cage around the new one or put it in a separate room. You have to do a whole thing where you wipe each down with a sock and then give each other the sock to smell the scent. It says this process should take weeks. Weeks? Who are you kidding .... mom and I are two impatient librans with a hell of a lot of love and faith and we think our way is much better.

I seriously haven't been much of an instruction person and I don't think life has gone too badly for doing it my way. As we speak, they are sitting in the same room and stating at each other. It might take a while, but I have faith that they will be fine. There might not be a great love affair although I can't believe that they don't find each other absolutely gorgeous.

It's a typical Saturday. Half my morning has gone and the plans have totally changed to suit the shortened hours ... well most plans ... we are still going shopping for insignificant?necessities!

2 comments on “Who really reads the instruction manual - project me day 464”

  1. "Read the directions, even if you don't follow them..."

    I never do. Reading the directions simply gets the job done and you rarely learn anything new. Besides, even after building the latest lego model you throw away the instructions and get creative anyhow.

    I'm not sure about the whole sock vs cat thing. Jet immediately made friends with Jasper and Indie when they were introduced. But he is a funny cat... then again, he would have to be, he's stuck with me 😀
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    1. Well what I always do is get someone else to read the instructions for me ... so if you are ever keen :p

      I also agree ... never fell for the sock thing and just shoved them together 😉

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