Who's cooking in your kitchen? - Morning of day 8

8 January 2010

I have a meeting in an hour and a half and I'm halfway through doing make-up, but boy am I compelled to do a quick little 'wake up call' blog to all of our egos out there!

I love cooking and browse for recipes that I then adapt and make my own. Years ago I kept coming across recipes that had a vegetable called "shallots" and I didn't know what the hell they were, so I moved onto another recipe. Some of the great ones, however, had shallots and I decided to just go the veggie shop and ask for these things.

SPRING ONION ... why the hell don't they just call them spring onion!!

Somewhere out there, someone is thinking, "why on earth is she calling them spring onions, doesn't she know they are shallots?" ... and so the ego's begin to flair and the whole essence of how this all began is lost!

I LOVE TO COOK! ... You call it shallots, I call it spring onions ... its just a word ... who cares as long as I know what my word is and you know what your words ... but whatever you do ... DON'T TELL ME HOW TO COOK! Cooking is my fun time where I get to experiment and play and learn for myself as I go. There is no right way to do anything, even if we ignore the recipe and the whole thing flops, well then we'll have discovered something about ourselves and we'll turn a belief into knowing ...

I'm so grateful for all the insight and comments about my exciting project and am thrilled that my blog has so many of you questioning what it means to "think", "dream", "awaken", "be" ... they are all just words ... but at the end of the day all I hope for each and everybody is that you don't forget to get into the kitchen that holds the recipes of your life and just have fun cooking!

Have a fun filled day ... whatever that means to you and I'll see you at the end of it!

2 comments on “Who's cooking in your kitchen? - Morning of day 8”

  1. Well read my friend ... you are well read 😉
    But who's to know ... be able to talk about any topic until someone actually is educated about it ... when you figure out what to do next, let me know 😉 ... I usually excuse myself off to the ladies room! ... tee hee

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