Why 2023 is Not the Year to Trust Predictions

26 January 2023
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I received a DM on Instagram from someone who is dear to me, and it was very distressing. Not for me, but for her. The reason is, we are born in the same year, and she found an article about the Chinese Year of the Ox in 2023.
She was not wrong to be utterly distressed and I'm going to quote a couple of sentences from the article for you to understand why.
“The Ox in 1973 will go through unexpected changes. These will not be positive, but negative.
They should not lose their jobs, otherwise, there will be no way to get a steady paycheck every month and life will be in trouble.
In their career, they will have bad interpersonal relationships.
Whenever they encounter problems in the workplace, they will fall into an isolated and helpless situation.
Financially, the Ox born in 1973 will not get a good income.
In terms of love and relationships, they will encounter plenty of troubles. In family life, there will be a lot of problems either between husband and wife or between parents and children. In terms of health, they will be prone to some accidents and bloodshed in 2023.”

I could go on, but I'm sure you get the picture. I understand that predictions are an important part of people's offerings, and many people seek out these predictions.
I work with astrology and numerology on a daily basis, and I do know that they have the capacity to be predictive tools. I am absolutely aware that the way you read into the energy and how things align could make it seem that there are people who are powerful enough to predict the future.
It is obvious that everyone is looking for a silver lining because life is uncertain as it is and predictions like this are sure to trigger more fear than what most people can tolerate.

Let me tell you the problem with predictions, especially in 2023.
Yes, within Numerology, Astrology and Chinese Astrology there are particular energies aligned and will impact all of our lives. Just as with gravity, whether you believe it or not, gravity will always apply no matter how you would argue it.
This year, in Numerology, we are in the Universal Year 7.
The 7 brings about energetic learnings, lessons, and opportunities. The same goes for anything Astrological happening at this time, but I digress.

In the year of the 7, we are called to trust in the unknown and learn to witness how we managed the unexpected. Since 2020, we have all become far more sensitive to unpredictability and no one can deny that uncertainty has become more evident in our lives.
Within this year any uncertainty you face gives you the opportunity to ask yourself what you can trust during these uncertain times. The universal pull is intentional. It is for you to question your faith and ask yourself what you truly believe.

When you have a belief system that has been tried and tested and not handed to you, then in times of uncertainty, you should be anchored in knowing that life will turn out as it should and all will be well in your world because you are worthy of fulfilment and joy.
The other universal question is, during these times of uncertainty, do you know yourself well enough to trust that you will be able to manage and navigate any situation, no matter what is thrown at you?

Back to the absolutely negative predictions for the Ox in 1973.
There is no way that this can be true for me because a part of my beliefs, and the way I understand myself, is that anything that comes along is not negative.
I am always energetically aligned with what is best for me and even if it feels like all the pieces are falling apart around me. I hold myself in faith that I know who I am, and the next choice will shift me to something that is more aligned with what I am worthy of.
For me, predictions are humanly impossible. Yes, I know that we have all heard stories, and you may even be sitting with a prediction that came to light. However, if you play too much into predictions then you take away the fundamental gift you were given as your birthright - the power to choose.

Everyone either leads a fated or a destined life. If you imagine your book of life and the story of who you. Floating above the book are a whole lot of letters waiting to be placed to become your life story.
If you make choices and decisions every day of your life and you empower yourself to choose, then you will pick the letters that are floating around and you will tell your own story, creating a destiny that is bound for fulfilment and joy.
However, if you do not own the power to choose, eventually time needs to pass, and those letters will fall where they may. And in that falling, you live a life that is simply fated.
Predictions often tap into the energy of fate and if you accept that as the story of your life, you will disempower yourself and not know how truly joyous and abundant your life can be.

To bravely embrace all that 2023 has to offer you, please give yourself the opportunity to stay in the present moment as much as possible. Use your consciousness to be present wisely, to understand who you are. Empower yourself with the greatest armour that you can, which is understanding the traits you have within you that will help you weather any storm and be your anchor no matter what the uncertainty is.

If you feel drawn to using any guiding methodologies this year, please seek out the ones that empower you to understand what the energies of the numbers, the zodiacs and the planets naturally represent so you can see how to align in order to achieve, flourish and grow.

Suppose you are seeking outwardly and relying on predictions because you are afraid of what this year could hold. In that case, I encourage you to turn your curiosity onto yourself and gift yourself with spending this year learning as much about yourself as possible, because in times of uncertainty, when you are even the slightest bit certain of who you are, you can navigate anything.

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