Why else Foursquare than to food check-in? - project me day 527

11 June 2011

Woodland Eatery in Vredehoek

I can make all the excuses in the world (and the sucky Vodacom connection on my 3G is that valid) but the truth is that Greggie and I are suckers for ending up at unusual restaurants and getting a little?indulgent.

I'm loving that Capetonians don't do too much traveling around the mountain because it's taken us all over this beautiful city for breakfast, lunch, dinner and tea dates. If the impression is that there's been a whole lot of eating going on, then you are right on target.

I avoided Foursquare for ages and really didn't see the point until #D500 became a reality and it was important to check in at all the sponsored venues like 6 on 13th and Cafe Culture. After a while I realised the added benefit to Foursquaring for 'project me' and only really check in when it's blog?appropriate. ?There's no denying that this trip is very blog appropriate and there are so many reasons to check-in.

Most of the places have been a spot to write in and others haven't truly been worth doing more than just checking in, but then we found ourselves as the foot of the mountain in Vredehoek and off to have lunch with an old school friend of Greggie's. The spot we were supposed to end up had been closed down for two years, which shows how slow it can be to catch on to the changes in town and so we settled at a spot called The Woodlands Eatery.

I grew up with a dad that could describe every country in the world by the food he had eaten at each place and I can feel those genes lurking inside of me. I say it so often, but this is always the time I miss my dad the most. The times when we arrive at places like Woodlands Eatery and I get presented with a menu that smack of homemade cooking and the owner?s signature dishes. My dad and I never would have chosen the same thing because he still got more points than me at being daring, but I was very excited to settle with a vegetarian burger and sweet potato wedge. You must remember that the whole time I am on this holiday I have the thought of ?project body? at the back of my mind the whole time. I?m about to go on a journey of learning to eat differently but not become one of those chicks who spends my life mission out on the gifts that food has to offer because I?m on diet that only serves up lettuce leaves.

You could see that Larry was the owner because of something my dad would have commented on. Only a man who owns his own place would treat every customer as though they were a part of his village. It felt like a village and a lot of this holiday has reminded me of my Italy trip with Greggie. I have felt so captivated by moments that I have almost been swept away to another country which is another point my father drummed into us as kids ... don?t leave this country and all its beauty to travel the world if you have not seen every corner of it.

The vegetarian burger has been the most amazing thing I have eaten this whole holiday and I had this small pang of regret knowing that this is what holidays are made of. Perfect experiences like chatting with Larry and discover he?s a Jozi boy and then indulging in the best vanilla and chocolate sauce a girl could dream of ... only to be reminded that you have no idea when life will bring you back to this neck of the woods again.

Foursquare can sign me in and everyone has had the greatest giggle at the constant checking-in at different spots that we have eaten, but between my upbringing and Greggie?s passion for food, this has always been what holidays are made of.

When I get back to Jozi, I have my first weigh-in on Thursday and then my first gym session with Patrick on Friday. Then that?s it ... project body is on the go and that scares the living daylights out of me. Finding the balance between loving food the way I do, never wanting to miss out on the experiences that have always moulded my travels and kept the memory of my dad alive and actually living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. I have no intention of becoming one of those people who goes on a crazy eating tangent on holiday and then back to eating low kilojoule soup for a month thereafter. But that?s why places like Woodlands Eatery are so perfect ... something so homemade and fresh just has to be good for the body and soul.


2 comments on “Why else Foursquare than to food check-in? - project me day 527”

  1. I would love to do a long raid trip at some stage. Have u been up to Sutherland?... I would like to go. Nice post as always. Tc

    1. Thanks you!!! I haven't been to Sutherland but am starting to take my father's good advice and realising that there is a whole lot of SA to see before ever venturing across the sea!!

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