Why I Added a Breathalyser to my Handbag

18 February 2016

Breathalyser round logo[1]I've never been shy about my love for bubble or my adventures of uncovering the best wines South Africa has to offer. I'm also Miss Responsible, as my friends call me and don't have a sip to drink if I'm driving myself home.

We are all grateful for taxi services, especially Uber, but if I used them every time I went out, I would have a serious budget problem. It's great for the odd night out or when I'm going to an event, but I have a social circle of friends which make for much spending on rides home.

I'm happy to have the glass of wine at dinner and know I can drive home in a few hours, but going out and having fun, then not knowing if I can drive home was far too stressful for me, so I wouldn't drink a thing. Then there's the difficult decision of nominating someone else to drive home and not knowing if the temptation isn't going to get the better of them. It's a responsibility I hate taking.

Yet, it's been niggling me that there's another responsibility I need to take and that's knowing if and when it is safe to drive home. No one wants to be stopped in a road block and that's why most of us take cabs, but there are other scary factors linked to that too. As a woman, I'm not thrilled to get into the back of car and have anyone take me home, under the influence. This is an argument I have with most of my friends, but I'm sure I'm not the only woman out there who feels this way. I don't like putting my life in someone else's hands and that's the bottom line.

Mostly, I believe we all understood the rules and supporting factors a bit more clearly. I'm tired of being nervous of driving home because everyone is talking about how corrupt the policing system is. I have been pulled over in roadblocks before, but honestly haven't had a bad situation. A very good friend of mine has and had a terrible one. Knowing you are under the limit, before you are even pulled over is the choice I want to make. I am more than comfortable being stopped now and word on the street is that cops are impressed by the responsibility we do take for our own lives.

Angus MacArthur AKA @BreathalyserGuy takes every person's life on the road personally. I am more than lucky to call him a friend, but beyond that, I have watched him make sure people drive responsibly on many occasion. Setting up stations at many alcoholic beverages events and keeping a breathalyser close by to ensure friends and family arrive alive.

Angus caught my attention a long time ago, but I chose to not drink at all and avoid the angst of driving home with a sip of alcohol in my system, even if it was hours ago. Yet, when we do go out, Angus and the people around him drink responsibly, instead of being like me and not drinking at all.

That changed last week, when I became a very proud voice for Breathalyser Guy. Equipped with my own, which is not a permanent asset in my handbag, Angus took the time to teach me how to drink responsibly and make sure that by the time I drive myself home, I have a zero alcohol reading in my system. The first time I went out, knew how much I could have and took my first sip, I was anxious. My friend kept topping up my glass of wine, so I guesstimated when I should stop and snuck off to the ladies about half an hour after I had taken my last sip. I was on 0.04, with the legal limit being 0.05, so I chose a cup of tea while everyone carried on drinking. No one made a scene, like they usually do, because I had relaxed and enjoyed my evening. A while later, I went back to check and I was on zero and ready to drive home.

IMG_1384No, you don't have to always drive at 0.00% but that's a choice I've made, along with all the other responsible ones. It feels surprisingly reassuring to put your life in your own hands and I'm very grateful to Angus for this incredible partnership with me.

Breathalysers may seem like a costly investment, but once you add up your cab trips over a few months and compare it to a device which will last you for years and years, you run out of excuses.

If you are interested in more info, please be in touch with @BreathalyserGuy or visit the website. They can be bought directly or through Takealot. I would suggest taking the time to have Angus explain to you how to drink responsibly, because it's not just a case of having this thing with you and praying you'll be on zero by the time you have had enough of the party.

To contact Breathalyser Guy: Facebook?| Twitter?| Website

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  1. Great post! This was such a fun post to read and it seems like something nice to have. Keep up the good work and I wish you all the best.-Chris Thompson

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