Why this Taurus Full Moon Eclipse Should Inspire You to Add Moon Phases to Your 2023 Calendar

7 November 2022
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Although we are consistently experiencing the phases of the Moon, at certain times, paying attention to the power of the Moon's energy could be truly beneficial for your personal growth and healing.
The 8th of November 2022 is one such moon phase with the Total Lunar Eclipse on Taurus Full Moon.
The Taurus Moon is always a time of patience and turning our attention to our material values and earthly possessions.
What pleasure means to us in the physical world as well as our determination to create what we desire is in the spotlight on this Full Moon.
The eclipsing energy intensifies how Taurus impacts us because it calls us to reclaim our power and ask if we are as free in our physical world as we wish to be. It is a time to feel our values within our hearts.
The spotlight of the Full Moon allows us to see the important changes we may need because we are not upholding our values and feeling the freedom we desire.
With Taurus being an earth sign and ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love, this is the time to deeply question when last we enjoyed the pleasures that the earth and the sun simply offer us.
To honestly see how aligned our values are and use this Full Moon eclipsing energy for change and the potential to transform, spend time thinking about the past days and how you use your hours.
If there was no time for the simple pleasures of life, rest, healthy eating, and balanced life habits because of the material needs and demands, then truthfully, something needs to change.
Our work at Lifeology is to support you in braving the changes you need to allow yourself a life filled with values far beyond what only money can buy.

Added to the impact this Taurus Full Moon has, the Lunar Moon Nodes are currently residing in Taurus and Scorpio in the opposite sign. This blog post on Understanding the Impact of the Taurus/Scorpio Lunar Nodes in 2022/23 will guide you.

Every phase of the Moon allows the understanding of different aspects of life on a more conscious and personal level. To make this easily accessible for you, we have created a 2023 Moon Phase calendar to help you diarise these dates through the year. This will ensure the moon phases become personal opportunities to bravely do something different throughout the year.
At the same time, planetary retrogrades allow us to reflect on different aspects of our lives depending on which of the planets is retrograde and how it impacts you personally.
We have included these planetary retrograde dates to diarise as well.
If you are unsure how to work with either the Moon phases or the retrogrades, we are here to guide and assist.

Download the free eBook, Working with Moon Phases to Manifest the Life You Want or book a 30-minute complimentary exploratory session to assist with personalising this work with you.

If you do not have your Astrology Birth Chart, then having one drawn up by Jodene is a valuable tool to assist you in knowing which of the moon should be focused on for your bravest self-awareness and growth work.

If you are interested in any Lifeology service, to ensure we are available to everyone, but you may not have the financial means to use our services, we give you the freedom to choose to pay according to what you can afford or how the session benefits you.

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