Why You Should Pay Attention to Pluto if You Are Working on Your Self-Esteem and Personal Growth

15 February 2023
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Eventually, something truly has to give and, as you witness more crumble around you, your safety should be your comfort. That safety comes from the way that you have started to live authentically you.

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Despite Pluto’s planetary status being downgraded to a dwarf planet, it has not stopped being part of the impact the planets have on our personal growth and understanding of ourselves.
Pluto is the furthermost planet and the ruler of the Zodiac sign, Scorpio, and dwells in the deep shadow of the solar system. Therefore, it represents the darker sides of mankind and reminds us that even though we should focus on being happy and positive, we only heal when the darkness and shadows are revealed.
Pluto is the planet of transformation, endings, rebirth, and power and there is a lot of that in the air right now.

Everyone wants to transform in some area of their life and I believe that Pluto is currently one of the most important energies in your birth chart to see in what area of your life to release what is making you feel unhappy and stuck.
Pluto is often misunderstood where death and rebirth are seen as something fearful. However, if you look at nature and how the very living and dying of things are what keep the planet alive, you will embrace the power of your personal endings and rebirthing through your life.

Why does it help to know where the planets were in the sky at your time of birth?
Your birth chart is a picture of the sky taken at the exact moment of your birth. It is divided into 12 sections, which are called houses.
Each house governs an area of your life, and they are divided between the twelve Zodiac signs.
For example, the third house is about your thinking and communication while the seventh house is about your personal relationships and the tenth house will guide you to your highest potential and can give insight into your career.
The Zodiac sign gives a unique energy to that area in your life. For example, having Aries in the tenth house is completely different to having Cancer govern it, as Aries is fiery, passionate, and pioneering while Cancer is sensitive and nurturing.

How does that impact your desire for or fear of transformation?
Knowing where Pluto is in your birth chart will guide you through the part of life with the calling for the most change and transformation to happen.
If you are not sure where Pluto is in your birth chart and would like to explore a deeper understanding of who you are, we offer the option of a written report or a report and a one-hour session to guide you through your chart.

Why is Pluto so significant now?
If you are looking for a clearer understanding of where rebirthing and transformation are needed for you to feel unstuck and fulfilled, and if you are aware that delving deeper into the shadow self is important but you don’t know how to go about it, then Pluto is your guide.
This extremely slow-moving planet has been in Capricorn since November 2008 and it will move back and forth into Aquarius through 2023 and make its final move out of Capricorn and permanently into Aquarius, in 2024. Then it will remain in Aquarius for the next twenty years.
Not only is it the opportunity to understand how your life will change as Pluto makes this big transition, but it also gives you the opportunity to assess whether you have done the work that it calls for while there is still time to do so in this Capricorn energy.

Once again, an important reminder is that the greatest way to work with Pluto and any planet is to know where it is in your birth chart to personalise the work.

There is an additional level of understanding when it comes to planetary movements, which is Retrogrades. This is when a planet goes through a time where there is the perception that it is moving backwards. During this time, some planets will move back and forth between Zodiac signs.
With Pluto so close to the transition into Aquarius and its annual retrograde, it will spend the remainder of 2023 moving backwards and forwards between Capricorn and Aquarius.

Pluto enters Aquarius on the 23rd of March 2023 then retrogrades to Capricorn on the 11th of June and returns to Aquarius on the 21st of January 2024 until 1 September 2024. It finally leaves Capricorn on the 19th of November 2024 and remains in Aquarius until 8 March 2043 when it will do the same dance with Pisces.

While the focus of Pluto is on the collective impact of people, it is made personal by understanding how we fit in or hold onto our identity as the collective goes through change and transformation.
The collective impact of Pluto in Capricorn's alliance with integrity puts a spotlight on politics, religion, the commercial world, and money.
The shadow of this is about personal integrity and whether we see through the dark side of these areas of life or become a part of it.
It is undeniable with what we see in the world today, that many people have not managed to hold onto their truth and integrity.

Your personal work while Pluto is in Capricorn is to focus on your lifestyle and see how you remain within integrity whilst the politics, religions, legalities, and finances unravel around you.
Before Pluto moves into Aquarius it is your time to understand what it has been calling you to do, to stay within your integrity and not lose yourself in the collective chaos of the world.

It is undeniable that there is more chaos, fear, anxiety, war and hatred of both mankind and the planet.
This is an indication as to how unconscious most of humanity has been during the time of Pluto in Capricorn.

This planetary energy will not let up on us as a collective until we start to tell some truths. However, as an individual to understand that you do not have to be sucked into the collective chaos and by focusing on your shadow side and the places where you have the courage to transform your own life, you do not have to be a part of the collective chaos in any way.

Once Pluto starts to move in and out of Aquarius, before it settles in 2024, the focus of your energy need to shift to your role in the humanitarian changes that mankind and the planet need for both to survive.
This may sound dramatic, but eventually, something must give. As you witness more crumble around you, your safety net should be the comfort that you have become more conscious and transformed enough that you can rebuild yourself no matter what happens to the world around you.

Aquarius changes the energy from super structured, focused and pragmatic to rational, humanitarian, liberating and innovative.
Therefore, your attention will shift to the changes needed in technology, humanitarianism, innovation, and original ideas to truly address global issues.
Personally, your relationships, finances, and lifestyle choices will need major changes, and therefore it is important to make Pluto a personal focus of understanding.
This becomes deeply personal by aligning your individuality and integrity with the way you want your life to be.

Here is a bit of my transformation story, to help you see Pluto in action.
I have Pluto moving through Libra in the 6th house of my personal birth chart. This placement speaks directly to the work I am so passionate about. I’m unafraid to dig into the depths of the shadows with others to help people find balance and harmony in their lives. That sounds exactly like the calling of a Transformation Coach. However, deeply personal to me, I don’t want to cause any kind of disharmony around me, so I spent years in the rigid, Capricorn energy of Pluto. I tried to fit into corporate life and sit around the boardroom table or specialise in strategy to bring about this transformation I knew I had a calling for.

Now, the way Aquarius impacts me is super interesting because it splits across my tenth and eleventh houses. In the tenth, Jupiter was in Aquarius at my birth and that is the planet of expansion. It makes it a guarantee (because I have consciously been doing the work to get to understand myself) that my career has changed a few times. My only certainty is that I’m an entrepreneur because of the freedom I need to work (Aquarius in Jupiter). However, I’m so far from the boardroom and strategy now, and all about helping others find their freedom to be themselves.

You may need to message me for a cup of tea to hear the rest of the ways I’m moving through this Pluto transition. The biggest one is letting go of all the material things I had, I packed my life into one suitcase and became a nomad. Aquarius is in my eleventh house and that is how we live in the world. A little more each day, I’m shaking off feeling the need to live in the Capricorn structured way of life and I’m exploring my individuality of me. It’s coming with a lot of endings, so much digging into the shadows of my mind to see where fears live and a massive amount of bravery as I witness myself transform into the authenticity of who I was born to be.

Now it’s your turn to understand the impact of Pluto on your life.
For your personal growth, Aquarius energy will assist you in bravely stepping out of the collective way of thinking and will support your choice to thrive as an individual.
Over the next two decades, you will see much detaching from what you no longer need and what does not serve you even if you are seen to be rebellious, because you know that it is for the greater good of yourself, humanity, and the planet.
By knowing where Pluto is in your birth chart and understanding that's while it is in the energy of Aquarius you are powerful enough to be that individual who makes a difference even in the smallest things you do.
Where Aquarius is in your chart will also guide you to understand where your impact is strongest to support the well-being of yourself, and those you care about and ultimately for your freedom to transform into who you were born to be.

Pluto also deals with many aspects of money and our Money and Me course, Course One and Course Two could be the perfect guide for you to build a more conscious, intimate relationship with money, to prepare yourself for the Aquarius impact to come.

Happy Everything ...

Jodene Shaer - Personal Transformation Coach

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