With the light follows the shadow - Project Me Day 700

2 December 2011

It's Friday and I've had a week where I could literally see the duality of life dance before me. I've had the greatest high's of my career and suffered the greatest low. I've had the most amazing reasons to laugh and the saddest reasons to cry and the combination of so many mixed emotions whisked time away from me and here I sit, without any celebrations for the 700th day of my 'project me' blogging journey.

I truly believe that it has taken 700 days to get to the point where I have taken the first step in mastering the art of manifesting and accepting through the powers of duality. 700 days to realise that life will always throw the light with the shadow not far behind and 700 days to accept the highs with the lows, all in one day.

Within 48 hours Lifeology had the most successful #FollowSA event to date and in the shadows, Greggie lost his dad to a very rapid spreading cancer.
The?dualities rapidly continued and they went a little something like this:

While the #FollowSA hashtag was mentioned and I was praised for the initiative and commitment to South Africa's online community, the shadow dragged with it the continued saga of the online slander of myself and #FollowSA.

While I gained followers and revel in nearly reaching 20 000 followers, I had more than one person say that associating with me would be?damaging to their reputation.

As I met new and amazing people through #FollowSA, I sadly learned that certain friends are not happy or supportive of my long journey that is now bringing about respect and recognition.

Receiving calls of people wanting to meet and connect with me while I haven't been able to have the person I need to speak to return my calls or answer when I phone.

FollowSA was filled with sponsorship and support from companies including Lovoka, Prima Toys (for the Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly), Tranquil body treatments, Lifeology, Twigs Communications, Fire and Ice Melrose Arch hotel and in the shadows I had one a company that was so supportive of me unfollow me.

In the very same moment of negotiating four events in two cities with the Protea hotel, Fire and Ice hotels, I received an email saying a hotel chain saw no value in #FollowSA.

For the first time, #FollowSA received a cash sponsorship from ?8ta and took our brand to another level and while I wrote the press release and grinned from ear to ear, the next email that came in brought along a shadow. The mail was from a sponsor who said they felt no value in giving of their time to me and they wanted to stop the sponsorship with immediate effect.

Oh boy ... the list goes on ... and on!

Amazingly, I have had the most special support and the cherry on the cake was the Twitter community!! It must have been nearly 5pm before I realised that 700 days had passed by and that not one of them had been without a blog. It was?undoubtedly in the forefront of my mind that well over 3 years has passed since I posted my first Tweet and had less than a handful of Twits following me. I never thought that all those days down the line would have bought me to the day when I was organising charity events and food drives, in support of Nkosi's Haven and coordinating Tweetups in 4 cities across the country ... I hold my breath and look up to the stars in gratitude, fear and anticipation at the next 100 days.

2 comments on “With the light follows the shadow - Project Me Day 700”

  1. Jo, this blog is an amazing achievement in itself and testimony to your unfailing commitment to your dreams, not matter what shadow may momentarily be cast. The shadow is always momentary, as is everything in life.

    The duality of the world offers so many gifts and I can see that you are starting to see the gifts in the very things that people try avoid.

    Onwards and upwards...to infinity and beyond! Hugs

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    1. Thank you for this comment my friend ... it has been with trepidation that I have faced a few things lately, and this blog post was one one them.I could feel something shift the moment I had the courage to post it and I can see how every moment paves the way for an every powerfully growing journey ... together!

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