Woops, there went my Mojo! - project me day 158

9 June 2010

Maybe it's not such a hot idea to blog the day after considering I'm the combination of a girl and Libran so the mood can swing to such an extent that it's impossible to tap into the head space of a mere 24hours prior.

Today is case in point and a very typical example my scales that can dip from one extreme to the next in the bat on an eye or the joking mockery of my excess energy by none other than my best friend. I kid you not ... he just mocked my excitable energy and make me look like a I have combined an energy drink with a few pills and a shot of tequila.
I can't be that bad?

Well it's the fault of yesterday!
It's because I haven't been going to gym and today's gym session made my heart pound and my reds go so rosy red that I want to hit that treadmill 5 days a ?week. If I sound a little less obsessed with gym, what I'm trying to say is that I usually go on the weekends and it would be so nice if I could just do my little session every morning before work. Oh .. bite me ... I know it's going against the whole point of 'project me' and sounds very structured and goal orientated.
Yep ... yesterday and the bowl of ice cream and chocolate sauce whipped away the free spirited energy and made my happy-go-lucky energy fly right out the window.

Yesterday also brought about a bit of a push to get courses off the ground and get my A into G so that we don't eat into all of our capital.
That's bull ... actually, yesterday was about reminding ourselves how powerful we are and the impact that we know we can make on the world and instead of being kind to myself I have turned it around and decided that it's a drive to work, work, work! Now that's not gonna freakin' work when I know that it's not hard work that makes money anyway. Oh dear ... there went a little bit of 'project me' and it's taking a whole lot of my mojo down with it.

Seriously ... I bounced into the office today with such gusto that I was ready to teach 24 hours a day with my frustrations being that Greggie and I are wasted teaching together because we are both these incredible forces of nature. I was also all concerned about where I was going to teach because I intend to teach like 5 times a night and every second weekend ... the whole freaking weekend.
Anyone spot the workaholic?

Honestly ... this is me being vulnerable! This is me when my mojo wavers and I come back with a fighting plan to turn my very acceptable issues of 'how the hell am I going to get this right?' into an acceptable reality.

Well ... My mojo was in denial this morning and then Greggie saw right through my bullshit and now the pendulum has swung to the other extreme ... luckily just in time ... coz I don't care right now, so I'm going to hit the streets and blow my vuvuzela at 12pm with the rest of South Africa.

PS .. I'm going with Greggie ... my best friend and the one person who boldly holds up the mirror to my truth and doesn't mind being told that I hate him ... which I do right now ... but he's still driving!!!

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