Wow - project me day 176

27 June 2010

For the first time in my life I'm completely speechless ...

He's wow! It's wow ... I don't remember what it's like to be a girlfriend though and we even had to figure out how the holding hands things works ... tee hee!
We survived supporting the opposite soccer teams and I actually felt time stand still for a moment. Isn't falling in love just so ... wow!!!

I'll make sense tomorrow ... I promise! 😉

15 comments on “Wow - project me day 176”

  1. Awwww hun, I am so so happy for you. Falling in love is definitely a WOW feeling. xxx

    1. Thank you my darling ... I'm so glad that we have been brave together when it comes to love. Hunny ... just remember to always hold onto what you want and speak you truth and you will find all you know you deserve 😉

  2. Mr Wow must be something else to take those words from you! 😉 I'm sooooo happy for you, my friend. Whoo-hoo! Whose team made it through?

    1. Greggie ... I see traits in him that I just adore about you and it makes me smile! Thank you so much for looking out for me the way you have ... you are a valiant friend and I could see you slapping him with your power puff had he dare hurt me.

      I love you my Greggie ...

    1. You can say whatever you wish my very wise one! Thank you for that very sneaky, yet extremely awakening little statement you made 😉

      I have told you lately how much you rock???

      1. Hahahaha...

        Genius when drunk and all that. It's all about keeping it simple and keeping focus on that one thing - figuring what that thing is however is a whole other story.

        Um... 🙂 you just have! 😀 Thanks!

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        1. I can't wait for the day when I get to hear all of the stories that are just a whole other story ... lol! They are piling up my friend!

          That's right ... keep it simple (say that ten times a day ... tee hee)

          1. Hahahaha... loads of stories... 😛 But most of them just really a case of looking back and having a good laugh... what ever the reason.

            Keeping it simple 😉 A lot easier said than done. But, it's well worth it when you look back and see how many of the details you were able to get right, simply by focusing on the simple things.
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          2. Keep reminding me of this one my friend ... we both know how very tough it all is 😉 Still loving the ride though!!

    1. I miss you so much right now my friend. I found myself talking to him so much about you! Did I say I miss you so much my friend?
      Thank you for all the wow's ...

    1. Yay!!! Thank you so so much my friend! I told My Wow all about blogging and meeting amazing people and how we share each other's lives ... he heard all about you 😉

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