Yes! Yes! and Yes! - project me day 425

1 March 2011
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For the past few days I have had a big red warning flash across the bottom of my blog as I am typing it. It says "You do not have permission to do that."
What? Type my blog?
In the frustrating days this pisses me off but on a day like today I'm giggling. "Yeah, right! I have permission to do whatever I like!" Granted, I do have to sort out this glitch in wordpress, but in the meantime so much good stuff is falling into place that I really feel as though I can do anything.

This is a tough on to explain, because I always know that I CAN do anything. The trick is to get past the days when I wish that I didn't KNOW I can do anything. My biggest 'project me' fight is to (and fight is the last word I should be using) is to be proud of myself for being such a big dreamer and wanting such 'crazy' things. I wouldn't want anything else and on the scary, tired or sad days I just want simple. But like really, really simple. I want to slam the Pandora's box shut, rewind time and wish I never, ever had my first glimmer of potential.

Then days like yesterday happen and all too soon I'm shouting Yes!! To more and more things!

So here's the YES moments that all filled one day and fueled me for a while longer!

I didn't wake up with the world spinning like I'm standing on a flying saucher - Yes!!!
I worked out my own formula to balance my sugars over the past few days and feel that much closer to a rocking relationship with my awesome body - YeS!!
Going to gym for a 20 to 30 minute walk. All depending on how I feel and not what anyone tell me to do - yEs!!!!!
Greggie posted the most unbelievable post called When health becomes an addiction that is exactly what I needed to hear - yes!
I was supposed to be in Cape Town to do an Organic Orgasm talk at Lipsinc Sensual Boutique for one night and after a little begging on their parts (which was so very flattering) I will be there for two ... Save the date Cape Town Girls ... 16th and 17th March - Yessssss 😉
I'm starting to teach guided meditations again. A small group but something I have missed and know I need myself - y.e.s!
Greggie rounded up a great job doing change management for a corporate. Something he totally rocks at and I'm so proud to be his partner and best friend ... and now next door neighbour too! Tee hee hee, yes!!
UCit launched their first special to the Jozi peeps and it was so cool to know that there are future ventures ahead for us. I love new ideas and the potential of it all. Well done UCit ... super yes!
It's an awesomely busy week with plans every night. Our Tuesday night, that I'm actually looking forward to because of all the progress. Dinner with a dear friend tomorrow night. Starting a new archetypes course of Thursday night and a potential dinner with Inked. ... Yes, brushing over everything for obvious reasons 😉 ... but, yyyyes!
The response to Your Project Me Story is rocking with another awesome story by Carol Milner and a comment of thanks from her sponsor of choice, Food and Trees for Africa ... I couldn't wipe the smile off my face for ages ... yippee yes!
Ooh, ooh ... Colin and Natalie won the Oscars which totally made me smile. I know it was an obvious choice but I've had years where my faves didn't win ... and I NEEDED this win ... yippiddy yes 😉

Good gracious, I'm sure that's enough for one day. That's excitement overload and a long time coming.

Oh ... one last thing ... I ran out of bandwidth for the blog again!!! That's another 'project me' upgrade needed right there ... Yes! Yes! and Yes!!


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