Yesterday's a blur - project me day 172

23 June 2010

It's nearly 7pm and I've sat down for the first time today. Munching on a heat and eat lasagne and waiting to have my first cup of tea for the day. I'm thinking that I meant to bath at some point between getting my nephews off to the doctor and my mother to the British Embassy.
Here I thought that I would managed to sit down and do a little work in between helping my mother pack for the airport and handing her over to my brother to actually get her there. Well, that never happened either. I'm supposed to be blogging about yesterday, but that is such a blur after whirlwind day I've spent with my mother.

It started at 7am with one very sick little nephew and an exhausted granny (that's my mommy). Getting the boys dressed and psyching my mother up for the day she actually had ahead of her seemed like smooth sailing and I really thought I could slip in a touch of breakfast before we got tucked into getting my mother packed and finishing off her paperwork for her big meeting in London.

Um ... no .. I've never had such a whirlwind day in my life.
very long and hectic story short ... my mother's not super organised! There ... said!!

I can't even think about it ... but I'm so grateful that the Gautrain actually exists and that my brother and I could organise pushing her departure a little later so that she had more time to somehow get to the airport on time. She did ... She's there ... I threw my brother on the train with her and before I could heat up that meal of mine, she was there ... gonna miss my mommy!

12 comments on “Yesterday's a blur - project me day 172”

  1. Hi Jo ,I would really like to see your mum don't know where she is going to but please let me know I would love to meet up with her ,I hope you are well and ofcourse taking some time out from your hectic day xxxx:*

    1. Hey Mils ... Mom is literally there for meetings for a few days. She doesn't even have time to get to Marks and Spencers to by me my favourite sweets.

      You can send her a facebook message my hunny, but I'm doubting we will even hear from her. You know mom ... workity work!!

      We need a catch up ... I never see you on FB! Hope all is well and you are enjoying summer and the soccer! Oodles of lovin'

  2. Hahahaha... actually had my youngest brother chatting about the Gautrain this morning. He worked on the planning and engineering side (although as far as I know all he did was move documents about 😉 but sounds kinda impressive). He was mostly amazed that it actually got underway and is functioning at all... then again, stranger things have happened.

    Not super organised... show me a woman that is 😀 hehehee... (yeah yeah... bring it!)

    Although... I'd pass on the heat-and-eat lasagne. 😉
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    1. LOL ... you are very bold in your responses sunshine ... a whole lot of women might be reading this and think they are very organised ... hehehehe!

      I'm gonna wait for all the Tommy Tourists to go home and then I'm catching me a ride on the gautrain just to see what it's all about. I'm thinking that SA gets it more right than wrong when it comes to getting things done 😉

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