Yet another milestone - project me day 400

4 February 2011

I am a big believer in celebrating the little milestones along the way, because if not the journey seems so long. Maybe it's just me ego that has dreamed so big and needs the acknowledgement of the little steps to remind me that I am not stark raving mad.

Well, I am stark raving mad ... but with purpose!

It's interesting that 400 creeps up on a day when I woke up and asked myself "WTF are you doing?" It doesn't happen too often, but when it does, not even all the years of heard work can pull me out of it. Today I have convinced myself that I don't have the ability to make money. Not that what I do doesn't have the ability to make money but that I, ME, JODENE does not have the ability to make money. So if I marry rich I'm cool ...

Everything happens in its perfect time and there must be something I need to get out of this madness. Planetary wise there is a fortune going on. It was Pagan festival of Lammas which is all about reflection and reaping what I have sown. Yesterday marked the start of the Chinese year of the Rabbit, where I am supposed to have a good financial year but might need to learn the art of compromise and patience. The moon was new which is a time to lay rest to the old and start with a new attitude and new thoughts. Ok, so that didn't go so well! Our Tuesday nights seem to have bought up the Archetypical energy of the Prostitute which is the energy that governs fear and faith ... this is most probably the most interesting of all. Everything seems to be of questions today and yesterday I was thinking just how well it was all going.

Either way, if it were not for 'project me' and my ability to look at the little milestones, I don't quite know what I would be doing now or how I would be coping. It's 400 today ... not even when I was at my most sick with my back did I miss a day! It's a commitment of note and true sign of passion and self worth. Now why the hell would I, the person who has created all of this, not have the power an ability to make money?

4 comments on “Yet another milestone - project me day 400”

  1. Woohoo for 400 posts Jo, that is awesome and should be celebrated!!! So proud of you :*

    You know I don't think it's you at all babe. I think, we just haven't found the right tools yet. People make a living off of blogs, so we know it happens, we just need to find out how they do it ;).
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    1. Thanks my friend! It's good to be reminded that it is all possible and to know that we do have something unique that no one else in the world has. I think I'm being pushed to see it though!

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