You know you need a holiday when - project me day 315

14 November 2010

I can't believe it's one more sleep and I will be on holiday at the sea. You do know that I didn't pay much attention in school and don't exactly know the difference between the sea and ocean? That's not a question that needs answering because I'm sure not to remember ... merely a statement. Anyway, who cares? I'm going to play in the big pool that the gods made. Woo hoo!

It couldn't come a moments sooner because the signs are written all over the place that I am so in need of this holiday.
The sniff of relaxation this week send my body and mind reeling into a state of go slow and shut down, starting with my eye.

I have a mother of a swollen, painful eye that I thought was a sty but it seems that the when I rolled over in my princess bed on my mini holiday at 93 on Jan Smuts and whacked my eye with the corner of the luxurious duvet ... I might have done a little more damage that realised. I said I stayed in 5 star, but I might not?necessarily be cut out for it. Here's a little 'project me' adjusting that I might never have mention. I wear glasses. Well, I actually wear contact lenses because I don't like my glasses.
Now I have an oucie eye and can't wear the contact lenses, so I have been running around the neighbourhood with my glasses on. I have to do so much talking to myself and saying kind things to remind myself that I'm not the same nerdy girl I used to be years back. It doesn't help that my skin is also begging for a holiday.

I'm so grateful that I am on a decent product range that is actually supporting the stress my skin goes into when I'm tired. Since I have been on Regim A, I can feel the difference when it's skin break out time. That's right now. My skin needs a holiday and only I know that. It's not as visible to everyone else, but I can feel it bubbling under.

I'm a strong believer that the sea has all of these healing properties and I can't wait to get my body into the water. Granted, it could also be damaging if I'm too rough with my back, but my princess ways only allow me to submerge into the quiet and calm waters.

Have I mentioned that I'm a little ratty? I little grouchy and can't find my swimming costume?
I think I'm too tired to look for the costume. If not then tomorrow morning is going to be more of a rush than I am anticipating and I will be shopping before heading off to Greggie's house to get ready to make our way to the airport.

I haven't introduced the new member of the family.

Welcome to the family Saphirah

My sister works at the Kitty and Puppy Haven and sent an adorable picture to my phone on Saturday, knowing that both my mother and I would be a total sucker for this gorgeous face. It's been time for a kitty for a while and this little girl was love at first sight.

We named her Saphirah, as in the dragon from Eragon. The only difference is the original spelling is Safira and that's far too simple for my romantic nature. Now I have to go on holiday and leave this little gem for a whole week ... *sigh*!

If memory serves me correctly, I've read half a book this entire year. That's not me at all. Maybe along the way of being so absorbed in some elements of 'project me', I have forgotten other ones. Reading is definitely one of them. I planned to do some writing on my holiday and tried to convince myself that it was time to do so because of the fact that I haven't written for so long because of my back injury. The truth is that I know I need a holiday away from preparing myself to write. I need to switch my mind off from the anticipation of when I am ready to write and I need to chill. So my books are packed and the only typing I'm doing on this thing is my daily 'project me' boost of inspiration.

The packet of peas has moved from my butt to my eye and both are so relieved that we are going on holiday 😉

See you on holiday!

12 comments on “You know you need a holiday when - project me day 315”

  1. Darling.... you're on holiday already!!! and there ARE shops here for the costume!! Perhaps time to get a new slinky bikini!!!

    Jo... The ocean is FAR but gentle... and don't expect it to be either! Like life - it has it's ebbs and flow... but HELL does this ocean kick up a fuss when you least expect it!!!

    Myself, Jesse and Enzo await your arrival tomorrow.... The bubbly will be waiting for us.. freshly poured... nice and chilled... and then... the prezzies await to be revealed!!!!

    See you tomorrow!!!

  2. Kitty!! 🙂 I love kittens, now have 3 of the buggers. There's something so playful and yet independent about kittens.

    Have no doubt, the ocean has the ability to heal many things. 😀
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    1. I'm so slow on comment replies ... oops! It's because my brain is in holiday mode!

      I hope you got a few pics of your kitties so we can swap oogly, googly moments ... lol!!
      Two more sleeps!

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