You will find me at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - project me day 617

12 September 2011

Tomorrow is the second #SMTuesday with Crowne Plaza and Lifeology.

Saturday is the second rugby world cup game between SA and Fiji and through #FollowSA we are gathering the crowds to watch at the Crowne Plaza.

Thursday's meeting ... Crowne Plaza!

The other day someone told me I live there and it's kinda true! They do say that home is where the heart is and with the mutual passion for social media and the support for each other, then it is like home.

I've had an interesting day with it being the first day that Greggie is on his month long trip. I woke up with this crazy determination that was totally driven by money and if I have learned anything about my relationship with money, it's that that attitude ain't gonna work.

Tomorrow is a small crowd for the social media breakfast and from a money angle I had a horrible morning. Then I had a change of attitude when I realised the amazing support that is behind a journey that has only just been born. So much of that support comes from the Crowne Plaza family and before long my head was in a totally different space. So I have a small crowd this week but I can make one call and set up another breakfast whenever I am ready ... because that's how the Crowne Plaza and myself roll.

This month is going to be interesting without Greggie and this is what I've decided to do ... be grateful!!! A lot of checking in with gratitude and a lot of focusing on the very little things that happen during my day when my business partner, best friend and little blue pill is far away. And if all else fails I know I can make a call, grab a friend and head off to the Circle Bar at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg where there's always a warm welcome and a hot pot of tea. Yes, this nerd does tea while everyone else drinks wine ;p

2 comments on “You will find me at Crowne Plaza Johannesburg - project me day 617”

  1. Nothing wrong with a cup to tea... Chamomile is my personal choice there.

    That's until the pink/girly drinks come out. Anyhow... 🙂

    Going to be a long month with no Greg. That said, time will fly by and by the time he gets back you'll not even recall him having been gone.
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