You're not driving an automatic anymore, sis! - project me day 489

4 May 2011

I grew up in a family where there was a lot of mocking and teasing going on around me. Lucky for my very entertained sisters, I had buck teeth, glasses, pimples and no dress sense at all. I wear the scars well ... trust me!

But then I have the awesomeness and the power of blogging to take sweet revenge on my dearest sister!

Hey world ... look what my big sister did!!!
She's gone back to driving a manual car after years of?automatic, hence the car in the wall the day after insurance kicked in. Hehehehe ...

Ok, so I'm only sorta laughing , but she did laugh too! I think that's the joy of the family we grew up in. Once we dropped all of our issues and realised that we love each other no matter what ... she was allowed to laugh at my bottle-thick glasses and I'm allowed to laugh at her forgetting to pull her hand-break up!

Love you sis ... so happy I was here to witness it for myself 😉

PS ... Driving for automatic dummies ... leave the car in gear and hand-break UP!

6 comments on “You're not driving an automatic anymore, sis! - project me day 489”

  1. Just providing evidence to prove that contary to popular belief I am not 100% perfect!!!!!!!

  2. Hahahaha... women drivers! 😉

    It's always funny when it happens to someone else. Never driven an automatic myself, don't think I'd know where to start to be honest.

    😀 we have to laugh at times like this... heck forget my brothers, think my parents were the meanest when it came to laughing at moments of pure silliness.
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    1. That's true ... I can think of my parents loving having a reason to giggle at me ... no wait, my mother still does 😉

      Oh ... I knew you would say women drivers, Robbie! 😉

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