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Transformation through

courage, consciousness

and a sense of humour.


Lifeology is built on a foundation of engaging people.
We coach and mentor individuals by equipping them with the tools to consciously take action towards change, personally or in organisations.

Our Offering

Change Management


Change is an unavoidable reality that confronts us in every moment. It is often a difficult process met with considerable resistance. We specialise in making enterprise and individual change a more manageable process.

Our method uses unique tools developed from our philosophy that change is an individual-centred and driven process. Lifeology’s overarching philosophy, The Foundation to Doing Something Different, is a model that highlights that when individuals embrace change, they become more passionate, healthy and productive, improving performance in the workplace and within their personal lives.



Lifeology coaches groups and individuals, tailored to your needs and combines learning, reflective practice and personal coaching. Based on our Foundation to Doing Something Different process, we include a variety of exercises that assist people to learn about themselves and their patterns, enabling them to effect change in their lives, and to continue to do so using this innovative self-coaching process.

Our Philosophy

The Lifeology 5 Step Process
The Foundation to Doing Something Different

Step One: Be conscious
Focus on becoming conscious of what you’re currently doing, who you presently are, and the nature of your current patterns.

Step Two: Tell yourself the truth
Ask yourself three critical questions: how have you become what you are; how have you sabotaged yourself, and; how do you hold yourself back?

Step Three: Make it about you
For anything to change in your life, you must take responsibility for every area of your life, where you have come from, where you are and where you are headed.

Step Four: Do something different
Break your pattern by doing the smallest thing differently. This can open a world of opportunity.

Step Five: Live in integrity
Focus on cultivating integrity with yourself and with everything you have become aware of through this process. Happiness is a by-product of living in integrity with yourself.

The foundation of our services stems from our own personal development and implementation of the 5-step process that aims to help individuals and enterprises action the change necessary to realise their dreams, visions and goals.

Our Team

Greg Arthur

Transformation Coach and mentor

Having lived for many years out of integrity and started a career in a field I had no interest in, I have seen the value in striving for authenticity in all that we are and do. This quest to guide people towards their truth, whatever it may be, has led me to be a coach, mentor and people development specialist. I work in companies and with individuals to help improve self-esteem and productivity and to neutralise stigma, both internally and externally.

My path to now has been varied, providing me with business and project management experience, as well many years in the Corporate Social Responsibility field, where I discovered the joy and skill involved in marrying the needs of communities and projects with corporate donors. I have learnt that compassion and empathy are key to understanding the stories and needs of those you wish to assist. I now offer my time to peer mentor those who are living with HIV.

My experience in social responsibility and continuing passion for the world around me has qualified me as an affiliate of the Institute of Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability.

I am based in London and head up Lifeology in the United Kingdom. I am a keen runner (this is the best way for me to clear my mind), yogi and love a good book. You will also catch me out of London often as I feed my curiosity about culture and the world through travel.


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Jodene Shaer

Transformation Strategist & Coach | Online Marketing Consultant

From as far back as I can remember, I struggled to understand why not having a choice was instilled in me. From childhood, I nagged to understand the foundation of what I was told to believe and why I simply couldn’t choose differently. It took years of ignoring my own questions, until it was impossible to ignore the personal, business and relationship chaos. Through consciously making myself my own personal project, I discovered the power of my choices, which formed the foundation of the coach, mentor, teacher, speaker and author, I am today.

As a transformation coach and online strategist, I facilitate the consciousness of people, helping enhance productivity and relationships, be they personal, organisation or brand. From the boardroom to digital and into one on one relationships, my facilitation is rooted in over twenty years of dedicated entrepreneurship, with a holistic approach to business, money and success.

With #ProjectME (making yourself your own personal project) at the core, my mission is to assist in understanding the vital foundation of change, through a desire for happiness, self-worth and self-esteem, F.A.I.T.H (Acronym for Focus, Acceptance, Intention, Trust and Happiness) and financial freedom.

I have a passionate desire to be a part of women empowerment worldwide, starting with the quota for women in boardrooms, as a member of the Directors Association of South Africa.

I am based in Johannesburg and run the South African division of Lifeology. In between, I am the self-proclaimed coolest aunty to twin teenage boys and a closet master chef, experimenting with plant-based, sugar-free recipes in the kitchen.

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Our Clients


“Greg took the time to understand the history behind the person in front of him. While listening, he picked up or identified the key issues that could be translated into helpful professional or career insights. This whole process was well structured, however it felt very easy-going and of a conversational style. My favorite part was how attentive he was to everything  I had to say. Not even once did he lose focus or train of thought. I think I appreciated the attention and respect the most. My expectations were met and exceeded from my experience with Greg as a coach.”