• Are you feeling stuck?

  • Is your self-esteem low?

  • Are you feeling lost and directionless?

  • Are you afraid to make changes?


Lifeology mentors, coaches, teaches and guides individuals, allowing them to emerge in a new, more connected and powerful level of consciousness. This equips them with self-awareness to take action towards transformation, personally or in organisations.

Our method uses unique tools developed from our philosophy that change is an individual-centred and driven process. Lifeology’s overarching philosophy, The Foundation to Doing Something Different, is a model that highlights that when individuals embrace change, they become more passionate, healthy and productive, improving performance in the workplace and within their personal lives.

We Are...


Conscious evolution is vital for change and transformation, yet it is a difficult process met with considerable resistance. We specialise in supporting that evolution through change in a more manageable process, for both individuals and enterprises, using Lifeology's tools and our personal experiences as a guide. 

People who know they can do the inner work but need the longevity of guidance as they process the changes and embrace transformation.


Our transformation coaching is based on Lifeology's tools: the Foundation to Doing Something Different, FAITH, FLOW and WAVES. We include a variety of exercises that assist people to learn about themselves and their patterns, enabling them to effect change in their lives, and to continue to do so using this innovative self-coaching process.

Individuals or groups who are embarking on the steps to transformation and are looking for the grounding tools to support their unique process.


With the awareness of how complex it is to navigate through the consciousness of self, we combine learning with supportive reflective practices. Our teachings allow the space for personal development, while facilitating the understanding of the complexities of the consciousness.

Groups or individuals open to distant online learning and who have a calling to know more and understand themselves through tools of awareness and awakening.


Using Lifeology's tools, as well as years of intuitive coaching, we are guided to take a glimpse into others' current situations, life lessons or missed messages from the universe, to provide them with the tools to move forward. 

Decision makers and individuals at crossroads or seeking deeper insight into self, their health or a specific situation.

Our Philosophy

The Lifeology 5 Step Process

The Foundation to Doing Something Different

The foundation of our services stems from our own personal development and implementation of the 5-step process that aims to help individuals and enterprises action the change necessary to realise their dreams, visions and goals.
Step One: Be conscious
Focus on becoming conscious of what you’re currently doing, who you presently are, and the nature of your current patterns.

Step Two: Tell yourself the truth
Ask yourself three critical questions: how have you become what you are; how have you sabotaged yourself, and; how do you hold yourself back?

Step Three: Make it about you
For anything to change in your life, you must take responsibility for every area of your life, where you have come from, where you are and where you are headed.

Step Four: Do something different
Break your pattern by doing the smallest thing differently. This can open a world of opportunity.

Step Five: Live in integrity
Focus on cultivating integrity with yourself and with everything you have become aware of through this process. Happiness is a by-product of living in integrity with yourself.

Our Team

Greg Arthur

Transformation Mentor & Guide | Change Agent

From my earliest working days in corporate social responsibility in South Africa, I have seen the importance of bridging the divide that can be present because of prejudice. My approach is always to treat everyone with the same level of respect and dignity, to be open and honest, and to work based on fundamental human principles.

In my work as coach and mentor I am an open book and seek to relate to my clients through story-telling, while using CBT techniques to encourage them to tell me theirs. I am empathetic and solution-orientated.

I use my skill of diplomacy and my enthusiasm for change to motivate teams on change management contracts in companies, with more than 10 years’ experience working with many cultures in many countries.

I am a natural facilitator based on my innate traits of curiosity and mediation, as well as years performing as an amateur actor and singer, which taught me skills of audience engagement, presentation and thinking on my feet. Some of my favourite facilitation sessions included group coaching international MBA students on a cultural immersion experience in South Africa, motivating a sales team by emphasising the importance of being uniquely themselves to build relationships with clients, and on change management contracts designing and conducting sessions showing the personal benefits of tools to encourage adoption. All had a personal message and focused on opening the minds of the participants to other opportunities.

For a long time, I have immersed myself in stigmatised environments with the belief that we should be looking to neutralise stigma, rather than fighting against it. I volunteer as a peer mentor for people living with HIV and most of the discussions centre around the stigma around the disease. I have seen that once we manage to overcome self-stigma and are comfortable in ourselves, the external stigma becomes easier to neutralise.

I am based in London where I head up Lifeology in the United Kingdom. I am an avid runner, swimmer and yogi and love a good book. You will also catch me out of London often as I feed my curiosity about culture through travel.

Jodene Shaer

Self-Awareness Coach

As a blend of teacher and mentor, being a self-awareness coach means I am committed to supporting anyone who finds themselves stuck and wishes for something to change. I use our Lifeology tools, as well as the personal wisdom I have gathered through my lifetime of exploring how to create happiness and success.  

Over three decades of experience in ego and mind wellness contribute to my expertise, including reiki, metaphysics, the personality studies of astrology and numerology, core characteristics and archetypes by Carl Jung and Caroline Myss, as well as breathwork and meditation techniques.  

Everything I guide people through is based on the foundation that I believe you have a personality blueprint. I feel most purposeful when I help you realign with your authentic self.  

My formula was created through nearly four decades of self-discovery and is anchored in understanding your unique strengths and natural traits to you to create conscious change.  

In conversation, I am talking about living consciously, whether it is about being vegan, living sugar-free, life as a nomad and why choice is more powerful than love because you still need to choose to love. 

I was born to write, whether it is fiction. non-fiction or the coaching work I am constantly creating and evolving.  

When I am most out of balance, I dance and when I am most at peace, I dance.  

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