"Everyone has a unique contribution to make in their lifetime…linked to the very thing that sets them apart from everyone else”

Lifeology is about engaging people – from individuals to brands to organisations. We have a passion for developing people, facilitating organisational transition and mobilising brands, because we believe that motivating people, whether at enterprise or individual level, lies at the heart of all fundamental change.

Have you sacrificed happiness for success?

This intriguing story, told by the original Holistic Entrepreneur, Jodene Shaer, is a riveting, real, and raw account of not only her life, but an echo of our own lives as entrepreneurs. One does not often come across a book that invites you to self-reflect, take time for deep introspection, and leaves you with a hunger to seek out and carve an expedition for your own life, one that leads to the best you.

Entrepreneurs are people first…

The Holistic Entrepreneur route to true, all-encompassing personal success is one of intuitively and instinctively selecting people with whom you can be human. All too often, the ‘art of the deal’ can obscure the purpose of striving for success; to be happy and content with your life. This book demonstrates that when you win, it doesn’t necessarily follow that someone else has to lose.

Face your fears, and discard them…

You have an idea, you have the skills, you have everything you need for a happy and successful business life. So what’s stopping you?

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